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Certified Translation Services

Translation that is done by certified translator is called certified translation. We provide documents with a certification which vouches for the authenticity and correctness of the translated document.

In other instances, the translation company affixes its common seal to certify the resulting copy. Certified translations are needed for official and legal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates and corporate materials.

Difference Between Notarized and Certified Translation Services Online

Students and immigrants generally need certified translation services for USCIS or other educational institutions of their state. Be it for professional reasons or for personal purposes like education or immigration, USCIS needs a translated copy of a person’s certificates and documents. However, there are cases where a candidate also requires notarization. Notarized translation is different from certified translation services online in subtle ways.

Certified translation involves translating a document’s content from one language to another, in addition to giving a ‘certificate of translation’ from the translator. On the other hand, notarized translations are done by a Notary Public who requires signing a formal, document represented as an officially authenticated one. Sometimes, more than one Notary is needed for giving the translation affirmation to the candidate.

Authorization is more important for notarized translations whereas quality is the primary concern for certified translation services. The one who processes the service also matters. Only a certified governing body can do the certification for a translation. But when it comes to notarization, translation can be done even by a freelancer or an agent from a company.

Handling Both Notarization and Certified Translation Services to USCIS

At present, organizations and academic universities do not mandate submitting both - a certificate of translation and a notarized document. Students were required to submit these two documents to the USCIS, a few years back. But, nowadays, it is no longer a requisite for immigrants and applicants to submit a notarized copy as well.

Still, if the institute makes it a rule to submit them, there are agencies online that might help you get both certified translation services and notarization from one place. One can make use of online searches like ‘certified translation services near me’ to get companies near their region.


1. What are certified translation Services?

We at Vanan Services have a full packaged range of professionally certified translation services where all your documents are translated carefully. We have experienced USCIS certified translation services for all immigration related documents where we will assist in translating and certifying that are on par with the rules of the US government.

2. Where I can get certified translation services?

Vanan Services is the best translation service agency that can assist you in finding Certified Translation in NYC. We aid in delivering important personal documents that include birth, marriage, diplomas, divorce, legal files. Just type Certified Translation services near me to figure out various locations we serve in.

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