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Major Requirements for Online Translation Services
Vanan Services blows away the competition with its unmatched professionalism, speedy timeframe, and seasoned experts.
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Member of the ATA
Vanan Services is a member of the American Translators Association. We have a team of ATA-Certified translators with expertise in different languages.
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USCIS Acceptance
We understand how exactly the USCIS requires your immigration documents to be translated & certified. We guarantee acceptance of all the translated documents by the USCIS.
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Available 24/7
We provide support to our customers 24/7 to clear all their major and minor queries. Our customer support team is highly efficient and reliable.
Expert Language Services in Over 100 Languages
Our certified language experts serve individuals & businesses from various industries in over 100 languages.
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Certified Translation Services for All Individuals

Vanan Services provides reliable certified translation services in over 100 languages. We assure the acceptance of translated documents by the top authorities. We offer a certificate of translation with all our translations to prove completeness and accuracy.

Globalization allows interaction among individuals from different parts of the globe. People travel across the globe for different reasons. But language often acts as a barrier to international communication.

Translation services emerge as an ideal solution to overcome language barriers. As a leading translation agency, we provide certified document translation services to clients. Our certified translator can translate your original document into the target language at affordable prices. Pricing for our translation services begins at $0.10 per word for documents, $25 per page for vital documents, and audio translations are offered at $7.00 per minute. Call us at 1-800-230-7918 for a free quotation.

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Need for Flexible Certified Document Translation Services

Certified translation services authenticate the translation of any document. A translation is certified when the translated document comes with an official declaration. The declaration affirms that the translator is competent in the source and target language and guarantees the completeness of the translation.

Certified document translation includes the signature, contact details, and name of the translator. In most cases, government offices need the submission of certified documents. But universities and courts also demand certified translation of documents.

Certified translations are essential for legal documents and official documents. Many institutions even require the submission of notarized translations. If you need certified and notarized translation services, Vanan Services can help.

Our professional translator can provide you with both services with much ease. Opting for our online certified translation services ensures that you do not have to visit the notary office.

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Wondering how your certificate of translation will look like?

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Difference Between Notarized and Certified Translations

Any professional translator can offer you certified translations. The translators need to sign a document stating the accuracy of the translated document. It ensures that the translation resembles the actual document.

A notary public needs to be present in the translation process for notarized translation. The professional translator signs the certificate in the presence of the notary. Finally, the notary stamps and signs the official document.

Many universities and schools require notarized translation services. It is essential for the verification of diplomas, previous courses, and application documents. If you have confusion relating to the translation type you need, we can assist.

We, at Vanan Services, offer authentic notarized translation services. Our notarized translation services are offered by professional translators. We understand your specific purpose and deliver our notarized translation services accordingly.

Our expert professionals can offer you the necessary guidance and support throughout the process. We provide you with the right advice for effective translations.

Our Clients
Correct Certified Translation Service from Human Translators

Certified translation is in demand for official documents. We only use 100% human translators to meet the certified translation needs of clients. Vanan Services is a member of the American Translators Association.

The ATA certification of our qualified translator allows the delivery of accurate language translation services. We focus on the delivery of high-quality translations to diverse clients. Our translators have fluency in multiple language pairs.

We take all appropriate measures to make sure that the translation is done as per the requirement. We offer certified translations on our company letterhead along with the order and page number. We also provide contact information to allow clients to verify the authenticity.

Vanan Services is a global provider of ATA certified translations. We offer our solutions in different locations like Dallas, Sanjose, Sandiego, New York, Miami, Houston, and Florida. We serve thousands of individual clients and businesses across the globe.

We constantly deliver affordable and quick translation solutions to clients at the time of need. We provide quality assurance to all our clients.

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We Provide Multiple Online Certified Translation Services

As a reputed translation company, we provide our certified translation solutions to a number of industries. We cater to the translation needs of industries like legal, medical, life sciences, energy, financial, business, academic, marketing, eCommerce, IT, technical, and media. We also provide translations for families.

At Vanan Services, we offer certified translations for a wide range of documents and certificates. Our language experts can translate all types of professional and personal documents. We translate marketing and advertising documents, user reviews, newsletters, customer support documents, printed marketing materials, product descriptions, static website copy, and trademarks and copyrights.

We also have expertise in translating patents, licenses and permits, location guides, travel listings, contracts, terms and conditions, marketing collateral, and service agreements. We are available 24/7 to meet the translation needs of our clients.

Our Affordable Price Structure
Our prices are the most reasonable and accuracy remains our top priority.
$0.10/ word
For professional use
$25/ page
For official use
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Services Offered for Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Diploma/Degree Certificate, Passport, Resume, Driving License and more.
$7/ minutes
Audio and Video
*Prices are subject to change as per language and industry.
Additional Features
Notarization tooltip icon
The process of notary is where every legal document or papers are certified to be complete and accurate with the notary as witness. This is very important especially If you will be taking your documents to different countries around the globe.
Mailing Charges(US only) through USPS
Additional Cost
$ 15/ page
[Includes Certification Charge - $5+ Service Charge - $10]
$ 20
Within 2 to 3 business days Note: Express delivery available
USCIS Certified Translations for Immigration Purpose

The immigration process can be overwhelming at times. If you plan to immigrate to the United States, there is much more than submitting the immigration application. We can help in making the immigration process simple and easy for you. Learn more.

Vanan Services is a reputed translation company that offers USCIS certified translation services. Accuracy and speed of translation are strengths of our translation agency. We guarantee the acceptance of our translated documents by the USCIS authorities.

We understand that you have a lot of tasks to handle during the immigration process. We aim to help in reducing your burden. Trust our certified translations and complete your immigration procedure easily.

Our certified translator can translate your personal documents like birth certificates, bank statements, passports, police records, death certificates, high school diploma, driving licenses, and marriage certificates. We can also translate your business documents on time.

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Accurate Certified Translation Service for Legal Industry

Are you in need of certified legal translation services for legal procedures? We, at Vanan Services, can deliver you top-quality certified translations. We offer certified translations for various types of important legal documents.

We can translate affidavit document, privacy policy, and contract agreement in real-time. Our translators have an understanding of subject matters in addition to language fluency. We take care of the unique translation needs of our clients and ensure satisfaction.

Get a free quote to know more about our certified translations for the legal sector. Once you approve our quote, we can start translating your different legal documents.

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Trustworthy Legalized and Apostille Translation Services

An authenticity certificate accompanies the apostille translation. Companies and countries that are a part of the Hague Convention of 1961 demand apostille translation. We, at Vanan Services, can offer you apostille translation services in fast turnaround times.

In case a country is not a member of the convention, you may need legalized translation services. Our translators at Vanan Services can provide you with legalized translations and guarantee accuracy. The common documents that need legalized and apostille services are corporate documents, adoption documents, power of attorney, academic degrees, diplomas, patents, and commercial invoices

We focus on providing you with genuine translation services at budget-friendly rates.

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Custom Certified Translation Service to Meet Unique Needs

Translation needs differ on the basis of the reason behind translating the documents. We provide custom certified translation solutions to our clients. We work with the clients, take note of specific needs, and deliver translations accordingly.

No matter what language, what format, or what time, we can meet all your translation needs. We aim to offer the best translation experience to our valuable clients. We go the extra step to satisfy our clients with high-quality services.

Multilingual Certified Translation Services by Professionals

Certified translation services are available in different languages. At Vanan Services, we offer certified translation services in over 100 languages. The language experts in our team have expertise in their native languages.

We deliver certified translations in languages like Portuguese, French, Arabic, Polish, German, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and many more. Whether you want to translate audiobooks or videos, we can provide multilingual translations.

Our professional translators are familiar with the source language and target language. We can handle translation projects in a number of translation pairs. Irrespective of the language you want to translate your documents in, you can always trust the experts of Vanan Services.

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Translate Any Type of Documents with Speed and Accuracy

In the world of today, fast translations have become vital. Whether you want to translate documents for legal cases or immigration purposes, speed matters. Delays in the translation of documents can affect the entire process.

So, business clients and individuals looking for quick certified translation services. Vanan Services is a top translation agency when it comes to fast translation services. Our translators value the precious time of our clients.

Irrespective of the target language and complexity level, we provide our certified translation services on time. We can offer you rush and same-day translation services to meet your urgent translation needs. We ensure zero impact on the quality of translation while delivering fast solutions.

We translate your documents word by word. Our experts also proofread the translated documents to leave no scope for errors. You can always rely on our efficient certified translation services.

Affordable Certified Translation Services Fits Every Budget

Not just fast certified translation services, we also offer affordable translations. We provide our high-quality translation solutions at affordable rates. Our translation cost makes us well-known among clients in different industries.

The reasonable prices of our services enable companies and individuals to turn to us for all translation needs. We cater to the translation needs of small and big size businesses equally. We ensure that our certified translation services are accessible to all clients across the globe.

Discuss your translation needs with our translators and get an idea of the exact translation cost. We can assist you with all your needs.

Need support with certified translation services? Connect with our professional translators today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A document can only be certified by professional and qualified translators. A certificate of completeness and accuracy must accompany the certified translations. We have a team of competent translators who have fluency in multiple languages and are capable to certify translated papers.

The cost of translation services varies. It depends on factors like target language, document type, and document size. At Vanan Services, we offer certified translation services at reasonable prices.

The time needed for certified translations differs. It relies on factors like document size, document type, and target language pair. We, at Vanan Services, have a fast turnaround time to ensure quick translations.