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The more attractive and accessible ways of getting things done are due to the advancement in technology; from necessary home chores to working at our various places of businesses or work.

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Type of services Pricing
Audio Typing Starting at $0.10/min
Typing with formatting
English $4.50/page (250 words)
Other Languages $7/Page (250 words)
Typing without formatting
English $3.75/page (250 words)
Other Languages $5/page (250 words)
Additional features Additional cost per minte
Verbatim $0.25/min
Time Stamping / Time Coding $0.25/min

File Type Format

We accept all major file formats such as
Input Formats Output Formats
.CD, .M4V, .WAV, .AID, .MP3, .DVF, .AIFF, .MP4, .WMA, .AMR, .DVD, .FLV, .AVI, .DDS, .CAF, .WMV and more. .DOC, .PDF and more custom formats.

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Where to Get Quality Online DTP Typing?

The term Desktop publishing is fast gaining familiarity with the digital world, especially in the prints.

Desktop publishing which is popularly known as “DTP” is best described as the creation of documents using specific page layouts on your personal computer for printing. Today, there are many computer applications designed to deliver marvelous arrangements that produce typographic quality texts and images which exceeds the quality of documents and images we get from traditional typography and prints. DTP offers countless benefits in different kinds of businesses and professions, individuals and organizations are also not left out as desktop publishing allow virtually everyone to self-publish a wide range of printed materials like menus, books, magazines, and other such documents that involves commercial printing.

Advancement of DTP Typing

Desktop publishing; when skillfully utilized allows you to undertake the task of large-scale publication at very economical rates and save you time and resources. DTP gives you a wide variety of designs, layouts, and typography. At Vanan, we offer the most astounding typing services suitable for professional printing or desktop publishing. We are skilled at creating amazing graphics for promotional items, trade show exhibitions, retail package designs as well as outdoor signs. Our online DTP typing services also extend to other electronic media applications like e-book publications, and web contents. Online DTP typing is a better alternative to the traditional phototypesetting which is way expensive for printing at a commercial scale. DTP is affordable and offers more value for your money. At Vanan online services, we employ the best hands and equipment in producing typed services. To obtain a free quote, simply call 1-800-230-7918.

Need for Employing Our Services

Our system is updated to meet the global standards and quality is guaranteed. The print industry has seen the massive embrace of DTP by significant print stakeholders like newspaper houses seeking crisp resolutions for their publications. DTP typing increases productivity minimizes production cost while delivering extraordinary print quality. Catch up and beat your competitors with better looking typed documents and maximize your profit margin via our Typing services. Contact us today for exceptional online DTP typing services!

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