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Here we answer some common questions related to our services. Also check our translation guides and contact our support team with any questions.
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Yes! Uploaded files are protected through our SSL encryption software against unauthorized access.

We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep clients personal information highly confidential. Also, our system is designed in such a way that client’s files will be deleted automatically within 30 days from the time of order completion.

You can upload the files in our website or upload the files in Dropbox / Google drive / iCloud / any FTP and share the link to us or you can mail the hard copy / drive to our office address.

We take payments upfront since we must pay our transcribers/translator to get the work completed.

Each translator/transcriber has successfully completed an extensive screening process. They have been tested in their specific language pair, through multiple choice tests, free answer tests, and by performing certified translations/transcriptions in a timed environment. They have worked as a professional translator/transcriber for over 5 years.

At this time we do not work with court certified Transcribers. However, we can perform legal transcription and deliver the document in court certified transcription format.

All the legal transcriptions that we provide are accepted by the courts across US.

Transcription done by a native (U.S.) transcriber would be grammatically superior and ensure greater accuracy than transcriptions done by non-native Transcriber. A native transcriber would have English as their primary language and would understand all social cues and any "slang". Non-native transcribers are fine to use for quick day to day transcripts like that of MOMs, lectures, personal dictations, etc., where total accuracy is not as critical to the outcome of the processed order. Non-Native transcriber knows English as a secondary language and still provides excellent transcription but might not understand the context of the conversation.

Time stamps within a transcript helps to accurately align text with an audio file. Adding these time stamps make it easy for a person to review or listen to a select moment or conversation within an audio file.

Verbatim transcription is a word to word transcription where fillers and repeated words are captured. Wherein in clean transcription we will not capture fillers and repeated words.

We possess a team of transcribers where we divide the files for raw transcription and then QC will be done by experts to ensure uniqueness in quality.

Yes, all our translations comes with certification as per USCIS standards. They are accepted globally for any legal, academic, government, USCIS, immigration, corporate and non-profit purposes. You might want to check with the Government policies to ensure the compatibility.


No, we don’t do evaluation.


Yes, we are a member of ATA.



Yes, charges may vary depending up on number of words that needs revision.

Yes, we do (charges applicable).

We can try to match it but cannot guarantee 100% on lip sync.

Yes, we can transcribe/translate and then perform the voice over.

Yes, that is possible (charges applicable).

Yes, we do. Child artists are a bit expensive than the adult voice artists. However, we provide a competitive and affordable price.

Yes, we do.

Yes, we do.

Yes, we do.

Text embedded permanently to the video is open captioning and text embedded to the video with on/off option is called closed captioning.
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