Ensuring Video Accessibility With Audio Description Services

Our audio description services aim to enrich the video experience of the visually impaired. We provide the best descriptions at competitive prices and a quick turnaround time.


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What are Audio Description Services? What is Described?

Audio description, also known as video description means describing the visual aspects of a video to enable the visually impaired and those with low vision to engage with the content. The primary purpose behind such a description is to make the video content like television programs accessible for those with eyesight problems. Viewers can listen to the audio description as they watch the content.

Audio narratives describe the scenes, emotions, and elements of visual media for audience who have a weak vision.

An audio descriptive service describes every element on the screen, including

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Visual cues
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Body language
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Dance movements
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Multimedia effects
We also describe individual characteristics like color of the skin, height, and age so that the viewers can resonate with the character. Just like captioning, which aids the deaf and hearing impaired, audio descriptions are crafted for those with vision problems.
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Why Audio Description is Important for Greater Engagement?

Visuals with audio descriptions significantly affect how the visually impaired experience the content. Thus, one of the foremost reasons why we create audio descriptions is to enhance the engagement of the visually challenged. Our narratives are synchronized and high-quality to enrich the experience of the blind.

We follow a professional audio description process to curate narratives in Spanish, English, Russian, and many other major languages.

Some other reasons why a narration for the video may be required include:

list arrow It can serve as a pedagogical tool for developing the vocabulary of kids
list arrow Just like captions, descriptions also improve the accessibility of the content to a large extent
list arrow It enhances the flexibility of viewing for the users in environments with visual disturbances
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Who Benefits from Audio Description and Narration?

If you want to increase the accessibility of your ad, tv program, videos, etc., then Vanan Services can help you. We offer descriptive audio for videos that benefits a wide range of clients. Each audio describer in our team provides services in multiple languages to meet your viewer's requirements.

Audio description solutions are not only beneficial for live theatre, movies, and media, but also for corporates, educational institutions, etc.

We provide audio services to increase the accessibility of the visual content for the blind in areas of e-learning, corporate training, YouTube animation, etc. Our professional and specialized narrators cover every dialogue, scene, speech, and accent to present the content in its utmost original form.

You will not find any audio description agency as efficient and affordable as Vanan Services to create audio narratives for your files from any industry.

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How Does Audio Description Work? How Are They Created?

We follow the best audio description production process for curating near-perfect results for clients. A highly specialized visual translator goes through your video files and writes the description script after analyzing the visual aspects of the video. Once the script is ready, a voice artist records the narration in the language that the customer requires.

Once the recording is ready, the audio track is carefully synced as per the natural pauses in the video to make it available for those with low vision and visual impairment. Our editors follow quality control measures to craft the narrative so that it does not overlap with the dialogues in the video.

We adhere to ISO standards for closed captioning and audio described content to deliver successful results.

What is the Purpose of Audio Description Services?

Audio description is an essential requirement today for improving the accessibility of video for those with low vision. Just as closed captioning aids the hearing impaired, a described video enhances the tv or media viewing experience of the blind

Our audio narratives are useful for experiencing content in an eyes-free manner, like podcasts.

By crafting high-quality and professional audio narratives, our company strives to do its bit and promote the cause of the American Foundation for the Blind in improving the content access for viewers with vision problems. If you want to find audio description providers with professional services and affordable rates then Vanan Services is the name.

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Extended Audio Description Services to Match All Needs

If your video does not have enough existing gaps, our team can strategically expand the video by inserting temporary pauses. Thus, it creates an extended version of your media and allows the description to be added successfully. Extended audio narrations are helpful to companies who wish to improve the reach of their content to a lot of viewers.

An extended audio description service can be beneficial for the following:

list arrow In film and tv shows where the action, dialogues, and scenes change rapidly.
list arrow For presentations or educational description media with plenty of photos, data, and other information.
list arrow For corporate training materials, corporate videos, and presentations.

Audio Description With Compliance to Various State Laws

Video producers and broadcasters must provide audio narratives as per rules laid by Federal Communications Commission, National Federation, and federal laws. By complying with the legal requirements, they can avoid any potential lawsuits

We make sure that all our audio descriptions are made to enable a great experience for listeners while being 100% compliant to laws like:

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Under this law people with disabilities have equal rights as the others. Under title III of the Act, people with disabilities cannot be discriminated in places of public accommodation.
Rehabilitation Act Section (508) and (504)
This law came into effect in 1998 and requires accessible technology for those with disability. As per the act, media description must be provided for all media.
21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA)
This act was signed in 2010, requiring that all communication technologies must be made available for those with disabilities. The Federal Communication Commission also proposed that audio description must be provided by all broadcasters for specific number of hours per quarter.
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We Deliver Precise Narratives When You Work With Us

Being a reputed media solution provider in the US, we are committed to delivering high-quality audio narratives for our clients. When you choose us as your media partner, we strive to offer industry-leading narratives that appeal to the viewers and keep the engages throughout the content. We provide audio description services that are customized to suit the requirements of your content whether they are TV programs, films, or ads.

Our editors, scriptwriters, and content creators work in close collaboration and follow a strict production process to ensure that the final video is in perfect sync with the original.

As an audio description company we provide the most accurate audio narratives, just like our closed captions, to make your movies highly accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our professionals first assess the video and links sent by the clients before writing the script. Once the script is ready, a description in a video program is added to the secondary audio program channel. In the case of streaming multimedia, we add audio speech by synchronizing it with the visual track. We offer 100% human-recorded narratives without using the synthetic voice.

A descriptive video service is carried out by an audio description provider. It is a form of audio-visual translation for the visually impaired and blind viewers. It enables those with low vision to know what is going on in the video with the help of a narration.

Our audio description services are the most affordable in the industry. The cost of a project varies according to the complexity, volume, language, etc. To get a quote for your project you can contact our support team.

An audio script is the written narrative of the visual elements of a video. The narrative includes details about the character, costumes, lights, background, etc.

Several streaming services offer narratives for their content with an aim to improve the accessibility of the content. Streaming giants like Netflix, HBO, Apple TV+, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc., are among the top names offering audio description.

This project is an American Council of the Blind initiative to enhance the experience of visually weak section of the society. It encourages high-quality audio narrative for films, TV, theatre, educational material, corporate visuals, etc. Similar to our closed captions, we provide audio services to contribute to this noble project for the visually challenged section of our society.