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Do you have an audio or video recording that needs description? Avail our audio description services at affordable rates with quick turnover.

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Do you have an audio or video recording that needs description? Avail our audio description services at affordable rates with quick turnover.

Need for Audio Description Services

Audio description is typically intended for visual media consumers who are visually challenged or impaired. Docents or tour guides can be trained to employ audio description in their presentations.

Non-English speakers would prefer to read closed captions or subtitles for a foreign film. A Vlogger on YouTube would want to convert his/her audio/video contents into a written blog or an infographic for SEO purposes and rank higher on search engines. A word for word transcript such as of conferences, seminars, interviews, podcasts and medical recordings could also serve as a professional, technical and/or legal reference.

Importance of Using Extended Audio Description Service

Adding descriptions to videos that have lengthy and complicated visual and numerals is difficult. Specifically, when it comes to lectures and mathematical formulas on-screen, that have a few natural pauses, adding descriptions for these visuals is tricky. It is thereby advisable to choose an extended audio description service.

Unlike the regular and standard audio description, an extended description does not have constraints such as the video’s natural pauses. It permits one to pause the video content, thus making room for description, as required.

So, if a video has limited space to describe, then choosing a standard audio description will do the job. But if space is not an issue for the video, then using an extended audio description will be ideal. However, there are file formats which are difficult for analyzing and processing between extended and regular description. Professional audio description and extended audio description services will help in giving the best possibility.

Beneficial Features of Vanan Audio Description

Our growing client base is huge worldwide and this is because each of them is guaranteed to get the best audio description services. After all, our formula for perfection is passion paired with precision.

ISO 9001:2015 Standards

ISO 9001:2015, an international standard specifying requirements for quality management system or QMS, is a guiding factor for continuously improving our processes to deliver secure services that meet regulatory requirements and customer needs.

Multilingual Support

Here at Vanan, we provide audio description services for over 100 languages used all over the world including the many major languages like English, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic; as well as the audio described movies in rare languages of Akan, Lakota and Uyghur.

File Formats Supported

We accept most file formats, such as MP3/MP4, WAV, WMA, WMV, AVI, AIF, AMR, MOV, M4A, OGG, VOB. Transcripts can be delivered in PDF, DOC or other custom formats as per your convenience.

Best Turnaround Time

We also provide all-day all-night support, so you get in touch with any enquiries. You can also reach us via email, online chat, call-back options, free form and toll-free numbers. On our website, you could also make use our ‘Track Order’ feature to find out the status of your order.

Fast TAT

You may send your file details to us and we provide an instant quote. You can place the order and pay for it online. Our closed caption audio description process is performed by well-trained and native transcriptionists. You may also choose between intelligent transcription or verbatim transcripts. Before files are sent to customers, they are first scrutinized by senior transcribers. We offer expedited services for urgent requirements.

Security and Confidentiality

We implement several data security protocols including SSL/TSL encryption, firewalls, access cards and VPN 2-factor verification. Your files are secure because we also employ strict NDAs. We only view the files on a need-to-know basis and delete files upon completion of your order.

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