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Vanan Services is a member of the American Translators Association. We have a team of ATA-Certified translators with expertise in different languages.
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Affordable Professional Translation Services for Schools

Are you a teacher trying to provide your educational material in multiple languages for the benefit of your students?

Or perhaps, you are trying to make your school more accessible by offering multilingual courses.

Either way, you require a reputed and reliable translation solution for schools which understands your goal and your target audience deeply enough to translate your content in an efficient manner.

Vanan Services offers diverse translation options for schools and universities with a team of skilled native translators. Pricing for our translation services begins at $0.10 per word for documents, $25 per page for vital documents, and audio translations are offered at $7.00 per minute. Get your free quote today by calling 1-800-230-7918. Our educational translation service team has years of experience in education, and is passionate about helping learners and educators make their content accessible.

We cover over 100 different languages and multiple dialects. Our translators are aware of key educational terminology and make sure to use it in an appropriate way.

At Vanan Services, we believe that bridging the language gap is a big step towards helping any organization or individual achieve their goals.

Let us support your school or university with your accessibility goals with our team of qualified certified translators.

Contact us now for a free consultation regarding your project!

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Types of Professional School Translation Services

Education is a highly important sector in the world. It carries both monetary and moral value in building the future generations of the human race. With digitization of the world, education should now be able to cater to learners globally, rather than just locally.

At Vanan Services, we understand your need for academic translation services which can convert your academic content into multiple languages.

We cover over 100 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, German, French and Japanese.

Our translation services include various types of educational content such as:

list arrow Administrative materials - school forms, student handbooks, parent handbooks, safety protocols, policy documents, school charter, etc.
list arrow Classroom materials - presentations, study material, coursework, assessments, testing materials, class material, etc.
list arrow Marketing documents - flyers, school brochures, press releases, event announcements, school leaflets, newsletters, etc.
list arrow Online materials - school websites, elearning content, school web portals, social media content, etc.
list arrow Communication and information - letters to caregivers, student records, student transcripts, parent-teacher meeting minutes, surveys, etc.
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The amount of paperwork handled at a learning center is very high. At Vanan Services, we can handle bulk translations with ease and efficiency because of our wide network of skilled translators.

You can count on us to be aware of multilingual terminology that is used in different subjects from physics to history.

As a first step, contact us for a free consultation on your translation needs now.

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Biggest Advantages of School Translation Services

Educational translation is a niche field requiring skilled translators. We offer you experts with experience in the field at affordable prices, which will not burn a hole in your operational budget.

There are immense benefits to using translation services for school districts and educational institutions. Some of the main advantages are listed below:

list arrow Empowering teachers: Teachers are the backbone of the educational system. They work tirelessly to support their learners, but even they are limited by the time and resources they have at hand. Having a reliable translation service to provide good-quality translations of their course materials will empower teachers to support their students further.
list arrow Improving accessibility: Having your materials translated into multilingual formats will allow first-generation language learners and non-English speaking learners such as children of immigrants have access to quality education. Your investment will improve opportunities for millions of learners.
list arrow Improve parent-teacher relationships: When your organization and teachers support children with materials in their own tongue, the relationships between the parent and the teacher will improve multifold. This will directly create a positive impact on the child's learning.
list arrow Increase productivity: Hiring an educational translator from an agency like ours will save your staff valuable time. You can make your organization much more productive by having them focus on their strengths and leaving the task of translation to us.
list arrow Localization of content: Creating culturally appropriate localized content will improve the performance of learners at your institution. Their performance will directly impact the reputation of your school district and thus, your revenue.

For excellent growth of learners and your organization, you will need to invest in a reliable translation service that specializes in catering to educational institutions.

Vanan Services is your best choice in this field. We guarantee the confidentiality of your documents with non-disclosure agreements and maintain 100% professionalism.

Contact us now to get premium benefits and a free quotation for your specific translation needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of translation at our agency is quite nominal. We can give you a free consultation to determine the precise cost of your project. Contact us now to get started.

While we can normally translate content within a day, the exact amount of time per project depends on its details. We also have rush and super-rush services for urgent requirements. Get in touch with us, and we will help complete your tasks in time.

We sign non-disclosure agreements with you to protect your files from misuse. Moreover, we only use secure encrypted servers and strict mechanisms for preventing unauthorized access. Rest assured that we will take good care of your documents.

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