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Before the invention of streaming media, there were DVD stores that rented out movies. On a Friday evening, you would go to the renter’s place and browse through his collections, looking for your favourite movie.

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Can you imagine all of this now? Netflix hadn’t introduced online streaming services until 2006. But after its humongous growth in the field of online streaming, you can now sit at home, stream and watch movies at your comfort. There are over 137 million subscribers worldwide for Netflix. Its influence has been great on viewers with the famous phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ or the ‘bird box’ challenge.

Netflix’s Closed captioning services work in the same way as any other streaming app. The app lets you choose your closed captions or subtitles from the video’s screen. There are also different languages acceptability that Netflix offers for uploaders.

Vanan Captioning offers all under one roof solutions where we caption your subtitles and provide them in any web format. We follow stringent rule that goes in par with all the rules of Netflix and offer you the best of services. Our technological advancements let you enjoy virtually, and our captions are of great help for those who watch videos in sound sensitive environment or for people who are hard of hearing. Relying just on audio is not possible. We have native captioners who have high sensitivity to video information and work towards bridging the gap.

How VANAN helps with Netflix captioning services

We have multiple features that help you in uploading your videos with the perfect subtitles

Duration of the subtitles: Vanan Captioning is aware of the load time of subtitles. Our captioners make sure to cue the subtitles in order for it to be displayed at the correct time. A minimum of 5-6 seconds is needed per subtitle event. Maximum screen time is 7 seconds per subtitle event.

File format: All your subtitle and SDH files that are in different languages have to be delivered only in TTML format (.dxfp or .xml)

Line treatment: We manage to keep your subtitle to a maximum of one line. But if we exceed it, we always have punctuation, line breaks and make sure it doesn’t separate a word.

Positioning: We work with multiple projects and are well aware of the positioning of subtitles. Vanan captioning makes sure to keep the subtitles at the center or at the top of the screen, except for the Japanese language. We make sure that we position it in such a way that it does not interfere with the visuals on the screen.

Timing : We time the captions to the audio or in a few cases, we try to do it within three seconds of the audio. The out-time exceeding is done up until 12 frames. We make your viewing experience much easier by not dividing the subtitles to the next frame, so it will not disturb your continuity.

Why is Vanan Captioning your priority?

  • 99% Accuracy
  • 100% quality assurance
  • ISO standards credibility
  • Quick delivery of transcription and closed captioning services
  • Skilled captioners who are well aware of the subject matter
  • Native linguists who translate from and to 100+ languages
  • 24/7*365 days service
  • Free quote

We at Vanan Captioning are FCC-compliant for all our closed captions. We make your content accessible to the global audience by being credited with FCC rules. Our team of professionals are highly qualified and are approved transcribers and captioners who work as a team to innovate Quality check tools. It helps us meet the technical and company standards while keeping in pace with Netflix.

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How do you get Closed Captions on Netflix?

It is pretty easy to get captions on Netflix. First, launch your Netflix app and then select the show you want to watch. Now go to the options panel and click on Audio and subtitle tab. It will now be switched on. Post that highlight and select the language you desire. Resume your movie from there to receive subtitles and closed captions on your screen

How fast do the companies deliver subtitles for Netflix videos?

Every company is different and offers a different TAT when it comes to captioning services. A number of key factors include the length of the video, the language in which captioning have to be done, the quality and the deadline period. Depending on these, Vanan Captioning provides faster rush and super rush services. They even have 24-hour captioning services

How accurate are subtitles for Netflix videos?

If you provide a professional company with subtitles work, they will definitely give you a very accurate result. Skilled companies have experienced captioners and transcribers who can perfectly write subtitles and deliver on time. The idea of giving it to the third party is to give your work in the safe hands of professionals.

What are the best companies that provide Netflix captioning services?

There are a few main players that work with captioning videos in the industry. Companies like 3playmedia, Vanan Captioning, Caption depot etc., help customers by providing Netflix captioning services. These professional companies are highly skilled and experienced that promises quality, speedy TAT, multiple options that customers that choose from.

Where do I get Netflix captioning services in Los Angeles?

Vanan Captioning is a multifaceted company that provides Netflix captioning services. They also provide it throughout US and do it from and to 100+ languages. They are ISO and FCC credited following stringent Netflix rules and have great credibility on social platforms and on google.

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