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The Need for Interview Captioning Services

If you are a market researcher or a scientific investigator, you might interview many individuals from different industry backgrounds. These interviews are conducted either through a face-to-face direct communication or as a virtual interview, where the responses are captured by video recorders.

An industry such as a television broadcast or an international business, may find it difficult to analyse and come up with logical interpretations, due to time constraints. But you can reduce this time of searching for inputs in your video through our interview captioning services.

We are Vanan Online Services, a team of 800+ expert professionals, delivering accurate captioning services for your interview recording in more than 100 languages. Our expertise is proficient to handle captioning services for interview videos even for rare languages. Utilize our interview captions to get a better understanding of what is being conveyed in your survey or assessment.

Our Reader-Friendly Captioning Services for Interview Videos

Adding captions for an interview can be easy but making the captions readable is the challenge. Especially when rare languages are concerned, the captions inserted must be precise as well as user-friendly to ensure readability.

However, our agency has a few guidelines followed in every project, to ensure that your interview video has captions that are clear even for skimming purposes. In addition to serving interview captioning services that have ADA and FCC compliance, Vanan has a few user-friendly practices to give the best quality captions:

✓ We break the caption into 2 fragments, if the sentence spoken is quite long. This break is given at the end of a clause or phrase, in order to maintain the natural flow while reading.

✓ Understanding from the point of a viewer, we break the captions into chunks of information, to make sure your eyes don’t get strained while reading long texts. We usually don’t follow the typical left to right captioning format, since the caption added depends on the number of words in a phrase.

✓ Many online interview captioning for research tend to stick with one form of captioning style. But professionals from Vanan make use of both the methods, namely ‘traditionalists’ and the ‘progressives’ appropriately. Years of experience working together with various domains, have helped our team know which method to follow and what should be avoided.

The mentioned procedures are followed even for videos where there are multiple speakers or respondents, who talk simultaneously. We can supply you with precise captions to your interview videos, regardless of its quality, language, length, and industry type.

Accurate Captioning Services for all Type Formats

Our team of experts can handle the following captioning formats:

  • Webcast - Flash XML for captionate (.xml)
  • SAMI (windows media)
  • MacCaption (.mcc)
  • iTunes Timed Text(.ITT)
  • . ASS
  • . SSA
  • spruce STL script (extended Positioning) (.stl)
  • caption center (.tds)
  • . SUB
  • Webcast - Quick time script (.txt)
  • Avid caption only AAF (.aaf)
  • CPC/Leapfrog caption (.onl)
  • Ultech ULT Caption (multilanguage merge) (.ult)

For more custom formats, you can contact our 24*7 customer support on all your interview captioning services. Want a FREE Trial before placing the actual order? Click HERE!


Where can I find cost-effective interview captioning services online?

If you need quality interview captioning at affordable rates, then Vanan Online Services is ideally the best option. The agency is one of the few companies to give the best interview captions at budget-friendly pricing. Additional NGO and academic institute discounts offered from the company.

Can I get my research video captions quickly?

Yes. Deponing on the length of your video, Vanan Online Services guarantees a faster turnaround using the ‘Rush and Super Rush’ delivery options.

What are the interview videos that require captioning?

Interview videos such as product marketing, awareness surveys, product inquiries, customer documentaries, etc. will require accurate captioning services for the assessment and development of existing information.

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