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Accurate Legal Transcription Services

Courts are the final hope for people who wish to sort things out in a justifying and legal manner. The judgment of any case depends on various factors & reasons. Documentation and evidence are the backbones of any legal pleas or cases.

Without a proper follow-up of the case history and hearings, it would become highly impossible to narrow down to the right decision. This is where the legal audio transcription comes into play, recording the audio of all the court’s proceedings are transcribed by a certified transcriber in the best possible manner and converted to text. This legal audio transcription serves as a primary source of reference for the lawyers regardless of the nature of the case. In general, both civil and criminal cases are transcribed to check the authenticity of the evidence and witnesses. If a case proceeds without legal transcription, there is a huge possibility for the parties to change their statements and cause confusions. To avoid all this, people opt for legal transcription services. These transcriptions can’t be easily done by any transcriber. A person with multiple years of experience in the field of law alone can understand the terminologies and jargons correctly and reproduce it as texts. Hiring such transcribers is pretty easy with the help of legal transcription companies like us.

Our legal transcription service is always top notch, as we recruit only the best of the best on our team. The tools and software used by our legal transcription service are completely state of the art, and this enables our team to deliver you efficient results in a much shorter time span. We always make sure that our law enforcement transcription files are passed through multiple levels of proofreading, leaving no room for reworks or errors.

We also understand your time constraints while doing legal transcription with us, so we deliver the results much earlier than the date promised by us. Our stellar team of transcribers never ever miss a deadline. We lead the other legal transcription companies even in terms of nominal rates; as we charge only $1.50 per minute for legal transcriptions. The features offered by our law enforcement transcription services are virtually endless; we keep on analyzing our past works to come up with innovative ideas for the future. Explore the features of our company and place an order today!

Legal transcription services

Legal transcription service offered here are essentially top-grade as we have a team of proficient and experienced legal transcribers aboard, that too at a very competitive price of as little as $2/min. However, there is no compromise on the quality of the content or the turn-around time.

Legal transcription companies in USA

Legal transcription cannot be done by any transcriber and finding an effective legal transcriber can be difficult. Looking out on search engines with topics like “legal transcription services near me” or “legal transcription companies in USA” would be of little help. There are several Legal transcription companies offering this service, but we are here to provide you this service online, with exceptional turnaround time and affordable prices. all provided without any compromise on quality.

Legal transcription services near me

Our service is based on ultra-modern system of tools and software which empowers our crew to supply you the best solutions with prompt delivery. At our end, you can be assured that all law enforcement transcription files pass through multi-tier network of proofreading, to make the results 100% fault-free.

Vanan Online Services is firmly determined to meet you urgent needs for transcription. We totally understand the significance of time constraints related to legal transcriptions, hence files are always delivered on time.

So, it is not wrong to say that for all your queries like “legal transcription services near me” or “legal transcription companies in USA”, the one and only answer is Vanan Online Services.

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Affordable Pricing
File Length Offer Price/Minute
More than 20 Hours 30% OFF $0.70/min
More than 10 Hours 20% OFF $0.80/min
More than 5 Hours 10% OFF $0.90/min
Up to 5 Hours    _ $1/min

Transcription Features

Additional features Additional cost per minute
Verbatim $0.25/min
Time Stamping / Time Coding $0.25/min

Multiple File Formats

Input formats Output formats
MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, WAV and many more. .docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.
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