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Expert Court Transcription Services That Work In Your Favor

We at Vanan Services work with language specialists with years of experience in legal transcription to deliver professional court transcription services. Our pricing for transcription services starts at $1/minute for general content and $2/minute for legal documents. To obtain a free quote, simply call 1-800-230-7918. Highly accurate legal transcripts rendered by expert transcribers serve as valuable legal records that can turn the course of a lawsuit in your favor. Our transcriptionists are fully aware of the significance and impact of flawless transcripts when it comes to legal matters.

We offer clean and verbatim court transcriptions. We strive to render verbatim transcripts that perfectly match the audio/video recordings you send us. No matter the format of your source file, we can process it to generate text transcripts in any file format of your choice.

Our transcription services address the needs of:

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Affordable Legal Transcription Services to Our Fortify Your Case

Legal transcription demands complete attention and commitment from the transcriptionist, whose time and effort are chargeable. We only work with the best legal transcribers worldwide to deliver court reporting transcription services at affordable prices. We certify legal transcriptions for free and can have them notarized if required for an additional fee. We do offer discounts on bulk/repeat orders.

Are you battling a family dispute/divorce/custody/infidelity/financial fraud in court? You may place a request for our family court transcription services. We assign a transcriber proficient in family law to transcribe your audio/video evidence suitably as required. Our civil court transcription services are bound to prove helpful for you to get the necessary court-approved legal transcripts to pursue civil cases. Our transcription rates are on par with industry standards.

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Legal Transcription Services: What Do We Transcribe?

Transcription services for court proceedings are verbatim and must capture expressions, background noises, and all other sounds recorded on tape/files. Our dexterous and agile court transcribers render 99% accurate transcripts that perfectly match your recordings. We accurately transcribe all types of audio/video recordings to create best-in-class text transcripts for use in legal proceedings such as:

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list arrow Recordings of Wiretaps & Phone calls
list arrowArbitration Proceedings
list arrow Depositions
list arrow Recorded conversations on court or off the court
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Legal transcripts are also an integral part of the business environment across industries. Breach of contract, patent violations, intellectual property theft, and other business disputes often require solid proof to get justice. Similarly, depositions of medical professionals offer vital clues in medico-legal cases. We can deliver certified multilingual transcripts of audio-visual recordings that often serve as valuable evidence when presented in local courts.

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Time-Coded Transcripts for Quick and Handy Reference

Trials and court hearings are long-drawn processes. Recordings of legal proceedings are not easy to refer to, share, or listen to multiple times. While legal transcripts make it easier to follow litigations, it still takes a lot of effort to remember who said what and when. Our court hearing transcription services include time coding and speaker identification features that help legal professionals to track the course of lengthy cases.

Depending on the nature and complexity of your case, you may opt for time coding and request speaker identification to recognize each witness individually. We identify speakers for free for up to 5 speakers in one recording. We charge an additional fee for this feature, if the number of speakers exceeds the minimum limit.

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Vanan Services team provides 24 hour online services for court transcription services.

Trustworthy Top-Notch Online Court Approved Transcription Services

Time is a critical factor, especially while preparing for litigations. We at Vanan Services are always online to serve our customers throughout the day. You can reach us via email or contact our live support agents to place your transcription requests or get answers to your questions. You may place your order online, pay for it and receive the transcripts on schedule at the specified email id.

We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround times. We also support rush and super rush court transcription requests to meet your last-minute requirements. We don't compromise on the quality of deliverables, no matter how tight the deadlines are. Our accredited transcribers churn out flawless verbatim certified transcripts that conform to standards set by the legal system.

Please contact us today if you need accurate, prompt, confidential, trusted, certified legal transcription services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A courtroom transcriptionist transcribes all conversations, meetings, witness testimonies, judgments, and other court proceedings as and when they happen. They create written records of all court events in real-time.

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with our support staff with your exact requirements, and we will address them suitably.

Yes, we do. Our court reporters are proficient and qualified to address your court transcription needs. You may email us your transcription request or place an order with our live support agents.
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