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Budget-friendly Interview Transcription Services by Experts

At Vanan Services, we provide interview transcription services that are very accurate, accompanied by faster delivery timeframes, reasonable costs, and excellent customer support through experienced transcribers. You can avail of our general transcription services starting at only $1/minute, and our legal transcription services begin at $2/minute. For a free estimate, please call 1-800-230-7918.

Our quick turnaround on processing orders and availability at all hours set us apart from the competition. In addition, we promise that our transcriptionists will follow all applicable laws and standards in their work.

Transcribing interviews into text is referred to as transcription. The word interview transcription applies to transferring any audio question-and-answer episode between two or more individuals into textual information.

We provide interview transcription in over 100 languages at the most budget-friendly prices for students, law firms, corporates, research organizations and other individuals. Our transcriptions are provided by humans only.

We do not take help of bots or machines as they are not highly accurate. Get in touch with us for the most professional interview transcriptions.

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list arrow We provide genuinely affordable interview transcription services.
list arrow Files are securely transferred using a browser-based drop box, over secure FTP, or by use of another protected method.
list arrow Transcriptions are delivered within the allotted amount of time as promised.
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Top-Notch Research Interview Transcription Services

Do you need transcription for doctoral research? In such a case, you may stop taking notes for a psychological review and instead dictate or tape interviews to save time and operate more effectively.

We have a long history of helping individuals at Ph.D. and doctorate levels at universities with research interview transcription and proofreading. Over the decades, we have absorbed and comprehended many recordings industry and format standards.

Our expert staff has acquired a wealth of information from several fields of study of every research institution. Our customers include most of the prestigious educational institutions in North & South America, Europe, and the UK. When necessary, we sign non-disclosure deals and always follow their terms. The majority of our clients contact us beforehand.

We advise clients on buying the best recording gear and how to best structure their projects, saving clients from background noise, errors, and considerable time and money.

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Trustworthy Police Interview Transcription Services

Vanan Services is the only provider you should consider because accurate text files are crucial for providing credible proof for police interrogations, call records, dictations, legal depositions, etc. We deliver confidential interview transcription services and can provide your transcribed data in various formats.

Throughout the globe, police departments utilize our service to transcribe interviews with officers. We've worked hard to earn our reputation as the go-to police interview transcribing services provider.

We have instituted stringent quality control measures to ensure the best possible transcribing standard throughout the process. So, you know you'll get great work done when you team up with us. We have the workforce, expertise, and equipment to offer police interview transcribing solutions with a more than 99% reliability record. Our quality assurance specialists check the transcribed files for faults and ensure they are accurate.

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Trustworthy Accurate Academic Interview Transcription Services

Transcribing presentations, focus group discussions, interviewing, courses, research studies, and more are only the beginning of what our academic transcription services team can do. You already possess a busy schedule. We strive to provide high-quality transcripts on schedule and with no fuss. We guarantee that the audio and video file recordings of the interviews are transcribed accurately with time stamping and speaker names.

As an academic transcription company, we only recruit those who pass rigorous testing to guarantee the highest level of our academic transcribing services. Most of our academic transcriptionists have degrees from universities in the United States, so they are fluent in the language and jargon of institutes. We promise a 99% accuracy rate and will adhere to any specifications you may have for document structure.

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Professional The Top Journalist Interview Transcription Services

Journalists may greatly benefit from having their interviews transcribed. As far as American journalists are concerned, Vanan Services is the go-to source of transcription services because of our reliability and speed. We guarantee the most precise transcript, whether you're interviewing a famous person or a national leader.

A professional journalist interview transcriptionist's expertise is essential to every news outlet. A journalist's work is never done, and the transcripts are necessary to produce excellent material from all the interviews they do. We transcribe interviews in podcast, radio, entertainment, press briefings. We also cover interview of a film & media professional. A skilled transcribing service is essential for accurate results.

When it comes to transcription of interviews, our accuracy, confidentiality, and turnaround time will amaze you. We assist law firms, insurance companies, podcasters, and private investigators in transcribing business meetings, one-to-one interviews, and any other meeting. Send your audio sample right away and get the best online interview transcription services!!

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Telephone, Legal, Educational, Focus Group, Formal/Informal, and Celebrity Interviews.

We completely adhere to all HIPAA-mandated privacy regulations and ensure total secrecy for all client-sent material.

The average TAT is 48 hours. We also provide rush & super rush services to meet your urgent requirements.