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Major Requirements for Online Translation Services
Vanan Services blows away the competition with its unmatched professionalism, speedy timeframe, and seasoned experts.
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Member of the ATA
Vanan Services is a member of the American Translators Association. We have a team of ATA-Certified translators with expertise in different languages.
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We understand how exactly the USCIS requires your immigration documents to be translated & certified. We guarantee acceptance of all the translated documents by the USCIS.
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We provide support to our customers 24/7 to clear all their major and minor queries. Our customer support team is highly efficient and reliable.
Expert Language Services in Over 100 Languages
Our certified language experts serve individuals & businesses from various industries in over 100 languages.
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Professional Architectural Translators - The Specialists

Our linguists are highly skilled building experts who are also fluent in the language they translate. In addition, they have the necessary analytical qualifications. We collaborate with civil engineering, real estate services companies, structural engineers, builders, housing companies, regulatory inspectors, and construction management administrators to provide confident and flawless translations from a technical perspective.

We are very familiar with the terms used in your field.

You can get a quotation for your business in just a few clicks and begin translating your documents immediately. Because we are an architectural and construction, specific translation firm, we can ensure the high accuracy and reliability of your information and interactions with your customers in any language.

We're the only translation firm formed and run by translators with medical, scientific, and technological expertise providing a better output when compared to our competitors.

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Trusted and Secure Architecture Translation Agency

The fields of architecture and building include a lot of complexity and technical specifications; thus, the translation procedure has to make provisions for them. To make a seamless move into the world of architecture and to complete transactions with foreign businesses, it is crucial to use the expertise of a qualified technical translation agency.

Our highly trained and experienced translators can offer you precisely the needed assistance for smooth and trouble-free growth internationally. Our staff includes over 5,000 qualified translators, each of them an authority in their field, with an extensive understanding of the architectural industry's specialized terminology.

Together, we will translate everything you need, from architectural pamphlets and guides to sites and applications. Our rates start at $0.10/word for document translation and $7.00/minute for audio translation. Contact us now!

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Process for Translation Including Architecture Terminology

The architecture and construction sector is responsible for designing the underlying infrastructure of buildings and tasks all around the globe. Because of this, the language associated with the industry is often difficult to understand and tends to be technical and hard to understand.

This could baffle an amateur translator and make the translation inaccurate or sloppy.

Vanan Services has a qualified team that makes it simple to translate these complicated terminologies into languages other than your native tongue. Our translators have advanced knowledge of architectural words and recognize the complexities of translations. We can deliver economic translation services for architectural papers, applications, and internet sites, allowing for the internationalization of your organization.

Our Clients

List of Documents We Translate for Your Requirements

Our certified team can translate a number of documents from any architectural vertical. Some of the areas in which we provide translations are:

list arrow Architectural blueprints
list arrow Rental Contracts
list arrow Interior Design & Publications
list arrow Technical diagrams
list arrow Electrical drawings
list arrow Building codes/plans
list arrow Permits and Real Estate listings,
list arrow Marketing Brochures
list arrow Building Regulations & Codes
list arrow Copyright In Architecture
list arrow Architectural History Documents
list arrow Manuals
list arrow Mortgage Agreements
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What Makes Us an Expert Architectural Translation Service?

Vanan Services is a language services company (LSC) with years of expertise catering to various business sectors with multilingual services. We do our best to improve your communication power via design sector translations.

Our decades of experience in the translation industry have proven to us that no two tasks, despite their superficial similarities, are ever the same. This holds regardless of the nature of the work.

When customers send us material that needs to be translated, we also provide formatting services or assist with editing the original text to make it simpler for the audience. Our primary focus is on offering translations for construction to our global customers through language services for architecture so that they may improve their ability to interact more quickly with their customers or staff from other countries.

When requesting, generating, or executing language assignments, we also assist our customers in developing industry standards for their internal operations. The relationships we form and the coaching approaches we use for a new translator together provide solutions for the communication objectives of our clients with professional translation services for the architecture industry.

Permit us to assist you in accomplishing the goals of your company!

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Top-Notch Professional Architecture Translation Services

Architectural translation services are in high demand since they are essential for effectively communicating detailed and accurate information to the workforce. Contact Vanan Services on 1-800-230-7918 for professional architectural translation. Several instances exist in which a Spanish engineer works alongside Indian employees under the supervision of American management at a site.

When it concerns things like yachts, aircraft, tunnels, rail tracks, etc., scenarios like this occur often. As a consequence of this, there is a significant degree of demand for architecture translation services. As a result, the requirement for translation in the construction industry involves converting a substantial number of drawings for architects.

Our translation agency translations provide designs, descriptions, and physical plans per the local standards by collaborating with local regulations, electricians, builders, and constructors. Because of this, several of the most recognizable brands in the architecture and engineering companies have placed their faith in Vanan Services to handle their bids, design translations, and technical requirements via our online architecture translation services.

As an agency for professional translation, it is of the utmost importance to verify both the accuracy and clarity of the documentation and sketches that have been translated before delivery.

Vanan Services is excellent at providing highly accurate translated content.

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Reliable Architecture Technical Translation Services

Our specialist architecture and functionality design translation crews are comprised of experts who have the skills and experience essential to draft your action plan in the chosen language. We are well aware of the local planning and regulatory requirements that you'll require to get them approved, along with a hands-on knowledge with the bureaucratic system of regional councils and regulatory requirements.

All construction sector players require competent architectural technical translation services from a business with the following:

list arrow Responsive customer service and reasonable prices for translation orders.
list arrow Construction sector terminology-savvy translators who can access current industry-specific dictionary definitions and reference materials to read.
list arrow Experts in languages concerning construction principles and terminology.
list arrow Consultation from specialized engineers in structural design
list arrow Capability to meet stringent tender deadlines

High-Quality Professional Architecture Translation Company

High quality, lightning-fast service, and friendly customer support are all hallmarks of Vanan Services.

Vanan Services specializes in the localization of architectural content into various languages as a translation service supplier. Upon demand, we can also share your file in its original format, such as.xlsx,. docx, or PDF.

Hiring our translation services company is a piece of cake. Contact our management consultants to explore your plans, acquire our services, learn more about them, know about special discounts and promotions, or obtain an idea of the costs and deadlines for your tasks.

Our one day or 24-hour translation services are available because we recognize the importance of meeting your time constraints without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

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Our Affordable Price Structure
Our prices are the most reasonable and accuracy remains our top priority.
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$25/ page
For official use
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Services Offered for Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Diploma/Degree Certificate, Passport, Resume, Driving License and more.
$7/ minutes
Audio and Video
*Prices are subject to change as per language and industry.
Additional Features
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The process of notary is where every legal document or papers are certified to be complete and accurate with the notary as witness. This is very important especially If you will be taking your documents to different countries around the globe.
Mailing Charges(US only) through USPS
Additional Cost
$ 15/ page
[Includes Certification Charge - $5+ Service Charge - $10]
$ 20
Within 2 to 3 business days Note: Express delivery available
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Frequently Asked Questions

Translating texts and documents relating to architecture, civil engineering, home design, and ornamentation into another language is known as architectural translation.

You can contact us for a FREE quote. Most costs are advised after understanding the scope of the project, but with us, you can be assured of a reasonable price.

The turnaround time is calculated based on the complexity of the architectural project and the client's needs. Our experts translate 3000+ words in multiple languages daily, guaranteeing speedy response. We can also deliver translations within hours if you have an urgent need.

The security of your information is our priority. We guarantee that our systems have the highest level of security available. And to ensure complete privacy, translators sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs).

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