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Types of Korean Transcription Services that we Offer

Having years of experience in the transcribing industry, Vanan Online Services provides the best quality Korean audio transcription services at cost-effective rates. Our rates start at $5 per minute. Dial 1-800-230-7918 to get your FREE quote. Some of the Korean transcription services delivered from our agency include:

  • Conference transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Property transcription
  • Focus group transcription
  • Police and enforcement transcription
  • Business/corporate transcription
  • TV transcription
  • Educational/Academic transcription
  • Insurance and financial transcription

Vanan is one of the few agencies to provide high quality services in 100+ languages, including general combinations such as Korean to English transcription services. This is possible from the wide network of Korean language experts and transcriptionists we have employed globally.

A Korean Transcriber Who Supports ‘Any Quality’ File Format

Factors such as quality of the audio file, dialectical and accentual differences, background noise, nature of the file’s content, quality of the speaker, etc. can all hinder the workflow. However, Korean transcriptionists from Vanan have years of experience, working with several file formats. Our team accepts and delivers top-notch quality in all the Korean transcription services, inclusive of:

  • Overlapping speech
  • A combination of jargon
  • Unintelligible words
  • Mispronounced terminologies
  • Inaudible voice and context

We tackle any challenge through an evaluation team, that identifies the input’s quality and document it for Korean audio transcription services. For unusable contents, the files are requested back from the client, to get better formats.

Additional quality checks are done through Vanan’s quality assurance team. The committee members focus on validating the verification tools used by a Korean transcriber on the project. Based on such evaluations, the experts maintain their schedule and deliver a quality-controlled Korean transcript to customers and industries.

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