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Audio & Video Dubbing Services -High Quality, Low Costs

At Vanan Services, we hire the best professional voice talent skilled in over 100 languages to make sure that you get the highest quality of dubbed videos. Each of our voice actors is chosen based on their skill and familiarity with their native language. With native speakers, you will have a natural flow to the language which matches the characters on the screen.

Our video dubbing services are used by filmmakers and content creators around the world for even the most critical projects. We are able to preserve the authenticity of the original audio by casting the right talent for your videos.

Let's begin the journey of dubbing your videos right away! Contact us at 1-800-230-7918 and get a free quote for your project.

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What Do We Mean by Professional Voice Dubbing Services

Voice dubbing is quite a common term very well-known to content creators and media houses. It is essentially the process by which the conversations in a video are completely translated into another language and re-recorded by voice artists in that language to match the video.

This creates a seamless experience for viewers who cannot watch the video in the original language but still want to enjoy the content.

The dubbing process in itself is quite simple: the audio from the video is transcribed, then translated, and then recorded by voice artists. The biggest challenge in dubbing is finding the right voices with the right cultural background to match the characters on screen. The entire voice casting needs to be done very carefully by an agency like us that understands the specific needs of the video.

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Why Hire An Audio Dubbing Services Provider for Your Content

The process of creating video content is a very tedious and time consuming affair. It involves casting the right actors, the right dialogues and script, the right directors, and the right editing to create maximum emotional impact. Recreating the content, be it a film or a short video, to make it available for an audience that speaks an entirely different language can be very expensive.

An audio dubbing service can provide you with professional voice actors and a well-translated script to cater to any audience you want. This will cut down on your costs of recreating the entire movie/video significantly. Don’t hesitate to call us for enquiries at 1-800-230-7918. Moreover, a professional service will reduce the hassle of needing to look for voice actors who speak the same language.

Choose an agency like Vanan Services and be assured of high-quality dubbed videos.

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What Are the Benefits of Dubbing Your Video Content?

There is a reason most media houses opt for dubbing and subtitling services to improve the reach of their content. The primary goal is increasing viewership of the videos.

For instance, let's say your original content was recorded in English. However, you know that you have a sizeable Spanish and French audience following. Then it makes sense to dub the video in Spanish and French.

If you have a smaller following in a few other languages like German or Italian, then you can choose subtitling services for these audiences. The advantage of choosing dubbing over subtitling is that a dubbed video feels more natural and is consumable for viewers who are visually challenged.

So reach out to us to have your content translated and dubbed to perfection in no time!

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What Do Our Voice Dubbing Services Offer for Your Project?

Our professional movie dubbing services provide a variety of features which will without a doubt make us your first and only choice!

list arrow Diverse pool of talented & skilled native voice actors to match the original character cast
list arrow Fully equipped recording studio for dialogue recording
list arrow Certified translators to convert the original video content into multiple languages
list arrow Voice actors trained to map the lip movements of the original actors
list arrow Accurate translation and voice over to match the tone of the dialogue
list arrow24x7 customer support
list arrowAffordable rates and bulk discounts
list arrowGuaranteed timely delivery

We can translate and dub any type of content for you - not just movies! We can help with any corporate videos, training materials, short films, television shows, or advertisements that you need converted from the source language to a new language.

We guarantee that our team's narration of the translated version will be as per your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Vanan Services, we have a diverse pool of voice actors which includes experienced actors and fresh talent from across diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. When a specific voice is required, we can find the right actor from the database we have built from our voice auditions. We will make sure to have the right fit for your video based on the characters.

Our costs are among the most reasonable in the industry. We determine the cost based on the number of speakers, length of the video, etc. The best way to find out is to contact our customer support team. We will provide you with a free personalized quote based on your project's specific requirements.

We have an ironclad non-disclosure agreement with our team members which ensures that they have to maintain the confidentiality of your content. Moreover, we use encrypted servers and other security mechanisms to safeguard your content digitally. A very limited number of people has access to your content for the duration of the project. Once delivered, we do not retain your content.