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Vanan has grown to be one of the largest and companies in providing medical billing and practices services over the years. As a well-trusted company, we provide complete medical billing services of standard quality at economic rates to a large client base of medical providers in USA. The services we offer are customized, with costs that can satisfy your needs.

We are a dedicated team providing healthcare related medical billing and coding services following a smooth workflow making your experience efficient and affordable. We ensure timely filing of your claims and compensations from both insurance carriers and private customers.

  • ✓ Assured increase in cash flow.
  • ✓ Higher compensations, fewer errors, and lower revenue loss due to un-collected write-offs.
  • ✓ We cut down your operating expenses.
  • ✓ We don’t charge any initial expenses.
  • ✓ Accurate automated claims and electronic submissions.
  • ✓ Minimizes the need to purchase and maintain computer hardware & software or annual support services.
  • ✓ Available 24/7/365 – we are not affected by staff vacations or sick days – we got professionals ready to take over all the time.
  • ✓ We have no retraining and staff turnover.
  • ✓ Fastest receivables for 100% claims followed up.
  • ✓ We see to it that all our claims are submitted in 24-48 hours.


✓ Our experienced team will take care of all aspects of insurance collection and patient billing for a variety of medical providers.

✓ Our dedicated staff make sure you are provided with accuracy and proficiency in your billing.

✓ We stand out in handling key-phases like claim creation, claim scrubbing, charge entry, AR calling, and denial management. We make sure of the accuracy of each claim by quality analyst experts.

✓ Our staff has the knowledge and experience to coordinate payment arrangements when necessary. Billing patients are done on a scheduled and on a needed basis.

✓ We make sure our clients are handled only by trained and professional billing staff.

✓ We follow HIPAA billing procedures; processing of all third-party claims and payments are done in a timely manner.


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