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Our company’s theme is that a book’s design is worth a thousand calls. Our main aim is to make book authors their salespeople. We achieve this through our top-notch online typesetting services. Do you have a manuscript that you would like to be printed into a book? You are at the right place.

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Multilingual Typesetting Services

Our professional team will create a professional looking book that is attractive and reader-friendly in more than 100 languages. For sure, a good book goes beyond its author, its content, and the language. A good book is also about its visual appeal. Our book typesetting services ensure that a book’s content is understood visually, and its message transmitted to readers. We produce texts that are reader-friendly as per publishers’ preference.

Our graphic artists and visualizers pay special attention in ensuring that they deliver visually-appealing book covers and illustrations that make your book to stand out. We are not limited to any subjects. Our financial typesetting services are run across all subject matters. Our pool of professionals are ready to typeset any book including; scholarly journals, complicated drawings, special interest publications among many others. Our company has a vast experience in typesetting. We have provided flexible Arabic typesetting services to many clients as the Arabic language is one of the major languages in the world. We provide typesetting for all sectors ranging from academic, medical corporate, travel among many others.

Additional Services that we provide

We don’t just typeset a manuscript. We also aim at producing error-free manuscript typesetting services. That’s why we offer the following extra services; insertion of images in your text at a small fee, corrections including spacing, page layout adjustments etc., the addition of decorative accents as per individual style, graphic design, pagination, editing, proofing, we secure media rights and permissions for your text too. In case of changes to your text, we capture them in our changes policy.

Why choosing us would be the correct decision?

We support all file formats. Our clients can upload their manuscripts to our websites in any format. We will work on it and send your final text to you. All this will be done fully online at the convenience of your computer. We follow the reliable latex typesetting services too.

Unique Features that We Carry Out

Our specialists use special software exclusive to our company. This software ensures consistency between letter spacing, glyph scaling, hyphenation, and word spacing. We do this without forgetting formatting guidelines and publishers’ regulations. We offer free samples to our new clients. These samples help our clients to make a wise decision to work with us according to the samples’ quality.

We got all it takes for your typesetting needs. Our company caters to publishers across all sectors. We help publishers create texts that are press-ready. We do all this with accuracy and professionalism. We always value our clients than anything else, and that’s why we offer our services at very affordable rates. Let us work together to create a professional book that will transmit information to readers effectively. Contact us Today!

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