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Secure Emergency Captioning Services

Are you looking for emergency captioning services for your business at the eleventh hour? We are highly experienced at providing good quality emergency captioning and 911 captioning services.

Vanan Services offers you the most accurate captions in the industry via highly-trained professionals with extensive experience across multiple industries in over 100 languages. Experience our services with starting prices of only $7/minute. To obtain a free quote, simply call 1-800-230-7918. Be it national broadcasts, television videos, meetings, or other recorded videos, we cover it all.

As we have been providing captioning services for years now, we have an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients who continue to put their trust in us to this day.

Online Closed Captioning Services

Why Choose Us?

Emergency captioning services require a particular set of skills that not every service provider has. Fortunately, our team members specialize in offering such services. We have certified captioners who are able to provide accurate captions quickly at very high speed.

✓ Services in over 100 languages

✓ Attractive discounts and affordable prices

✓ All standard formats supported

✓ Free quotation

✓ A team of native language experts

We provide captions in the following formats:

  • .SRT
  • .DFXP
  • .QT
  • .SUB
  • .WebVTT
  • .SBV
  • .RT
  • .SMI
  • .SLT
  • .SCC
  • JSON

Vanan Services can solve your emergency captioning challenges even within tight schedules. Our customer support is available 24/7 to support your needs.


What is captioning?

Captioning is the process of creating captions or texts to show on a screen as content is being played or spoken.

How are captions created?

Captioners for recorded content are specifically trained to listen to a broadcast and write down what they hear, often at speeds of up to 250 words per minute. These lines are then entered into proprietary software, which broadcasts the captions to your television screen.

How do you make sure that the captions are accurate?

All our captioners are certified, professional experts that are evaluated in terms of theory, accuracy, grammar, speed, and writing style before being recruited. Upon recruitment, they have to go through a training stage where they are trained by veteran captioners and must pass our tests with a minimum of 98.5% accuracy.

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