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Amazon Video Direct (AVD) has a large number of users. The Amazon requires closed captions for its AVD to be able to serve their customers in a better way. Amazon wants to make a consistent video viewing experience of their customers.

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Increase Your Video Viewership with Our Amazon Closed Captioning Services

Adding closed captioning to AVD is also going to increase their video viewership by adding more people like – deaf viewers, hearing impaired viewers, nonnative English speakers and users who prefer viewing videos without sound.

Out of the total viewers that Amazon’s AVD have, more than 30% of them prefer viewing videos with closed captions on. And 80% out of these 30% are the viewers without any hearing impairment. Adding closed captioning to your videos can increase the view time by 12% and Amazon don’t want to miss out on it.

Since generally people love watching videos without turning on the sound, closed captions has become a requirement for the Amazon for most of the professional videos.

Amazon Closed Captioning Specs

Amazon’s Prime Video is a home to more than 100 million members. So, for a brand like Amazon, accessibility is an important thing in their operations.

For submitting content to Prime Video Direct, you have to follow certain specifications regarding your caption file to get accepted. The specifications are –

1. Language Requirements – You have to choose the language of the video file to match the location’s supported languages. The audio as well as the closed captions need to be in English for United States.

2. Metadata Language – The language of the metadata either must match with the audio language or with the caption language.

3. Time Code Format – Amazon wants all the time units to be in 2-digits except the millisecond one, which it wants in 3-digits. Also, colons must be there to separate different time units except millisecond, where the comma must be used.

4. Character Encoding – Character coding is important for your viewers to understand different characters. Amazon wants it to be UTF-8 encoded.

Accepted Closed Captioning File Formats for Amazon

Amazon accepts closed captions in many file formats from its video creators. Following are the file formats accepted by Amazon for prime Video Direct –

  • SMPTE-TT (RP-2052) with an .xml file extension
  • STL (EBU standard) with a .stl file extension (Spruce Subtitle file format which also has an .stl file extension not supported)
  • DFXP Full/TTML (Timed Text Markup Language) with a .dfxp file extension
  • iTT (iTunes Timed Text) files with a .iTT file extension
  • SCC (Scenarist Closed Caption) with a .scc file extension
  • SRT (SubRip text file format) with a .srt file extension

Vanan’s Amazon Closed Captioning Services

We are among the few best Amazon closed captioning providers. We have specialization in guaranteeing high quality amazon video captioning. We have language experts to deal with the certain language captioning requirements.

We offer Amazon closed captioning services at very affordable prices. Other than just generating the captions, we also make sure to provide the file in a proper format accepted by Amazon. We also make sure to fulfill all the Amazon closed captioning specifications.

We take care of everything and deliver you the final file, which meets all the specification of captioning services for amazon prime, and you just supposed to upload the file along with your video.

Why Vanan For Amazon Closed Captioning Services

  • Vanan’s Amazon closed captioning services takes care of all the specification requirements given by Amazon.
  • Our captions are given by well-experienced and highly skilled professionals . No automated captioning is being done.
  • We are an ISO certified company that can guarantee you safety, security and confidentiality. We provide NDA agreements as well.
  • We offer quick turnaround time. We always work and try to deliver your content as early as we can.
  • The pricing for our Amazon closed captioning services is affordable and is worth the effort we put into making your captions.
  • We have our customer support working for you 24*7. Get in touch for free quotes and queries.


What file formats are supported by Amazon for captions?

There are multiple file formats that Amazon supports for the captions. These are – .xml, .stl, .dfxp, .iTT, .scc, .srt.

Why closed captioning is important for Amazon?

Amazon closed captioning is important for –

  • Deaf and hearing-impaired people to view and understand your videos.
  • People who are non-native English speakers.
  • People who like watching videos without sound, etc.

Do you include nonverbal elements to your captions in Amazon closed captioning services?

Yes. We know the importance of nonverbal elements and never miss to include them in the captions.

Should I go for automated captions for my amazon prime videos?

Automated captions are machine generated and has a long way to go. No doubt that it will take less time, but it will also make you compromise on accuracy and quality. We recommend going for a professional amazon closed captioning service provider like Vanan.

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