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Professional Conference Call Transcription Services

Do you want to make your conference call discussion easily referrable? If yes, hire our conference call transcription services. We understand that you may have many calls made every day being a business organization. With our transcription services, you can focus on the meeting while we take up the responsibility of transcribing it. Whether it is digital recordings, corporate board meetings, or focus groups, we can handle it all!

Vanan Services comprises the best human talent offering 99% accurate and professional transcription service. Our transcribers come from various industry backgrounds with expertise in their native language. Thus, you can demand transcription from any industry, and we will deliver promising results. Our general transcription services are priced from $1 per minute. Contact us at 1-800-230-7918 to receive your free quote.

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Conference Call Transcription Services We Offer

We transcribe a web conference, telephone conference, and calls between multiple parties with the same passion. Some of the transcription services we offer include,

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The Benefits of Conference Call Transcription Services

Whether it is video conferencing, audio conferencing, web conferencing, or webcasts, transcribing conference calls provide many benefits to the organization. You can preserve the crucial points discussed on the call by converting the audio and video meetings into hardcopy transcription. By doing so, you can distribute and communicate the information to interested parties. Audio transcription services enhance the accessibility of data, strengthen transparency, enable active participation, legal compliance, etc.

Vanan Services is happy to provide high-quality transcripts of all your call recordings. With our meeting transcription services, you can focus on the core task while we develop comprehensive transcription solutions for you. As our client, you will find that our professional transcribers are well-versed in business terminologies and curate the best transcriptions. We serve various industries like academic, legal, medical, media, finance, etc.

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We are the Best Choice for Transcribing Conference Calls

Are you looking for a professional and reliable transcription company to transcribe your conference calls? If yes, Vanan Services is the best choice. To inquire, please call us at 1-800-230-7918. We work with a vast network of expert transcribers from different industries. Our transcribers are native speakers and are skilled with attentiveness to transcribe your files accurately.

We also provide timestamps, speaker identification, etc. Whether your recording has multiple speakers, overlapping conversations, or different accents, our transcribers have the right skills to provide precise transcription.

When you hire our services, we deliver impressive results in a short turnaround time. We can transcribe for any industry, subject, and complexity level. When you need to preserve essential data from business calls, turn to us for cost-effective and excellent results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We ensure 100% confidentiality of your data. Our systems are protected with SSL encryptions for the safety of your data. Additionally, we also sign NDAs before working on a project.

Yes. If you have a recorded conference call, we can convert it into written text for you. Our team of qualified and skilled transcribers can transcribe your files with 99% accuracy in a short time. We provide high-quality transcribed files for better communication and distribution of essential data.

Conference calls vary in the duration, agenda, complicated conversations, and industry. Hence, there is no standard cost for transcribing a call. Vanan Services provides transcription services in the least possible time. If you need the transcription within a stipulated time, you can convey it to us while placing the order. We will deliver your order within the agreed timeframe.

Every recorded call has a different subject matter, language, length, etc. Thus, the cost also varies for transcribing each project. However, our transcription charges are the most reasonable in the industry. We offer rates that are affordable and fit the budget of our customers. Get a quote by chatting with us and know your exact price.
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