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Professional Transcription Services at Competitive Prices

Professional transcription services are becoming popular among individuals and businesses. These people choose professionals for expert subject knowledge and specific terminology. They need accurate and perfect transcripts.

Vanan Services is one of the most trusted professional transcription service providers. You can avail of our transcription services starting at only $1/minute. Call us toll-free at 1-800-230-7918 for a free quotation. We offer accurate and flawless transcripts in over 100 languages for different industries.

We can transcribe any spoken message through our native transcribers. They have experience in providing the industry's best professional transcription services.

We guarantee 99% accuracy with all our transcripts for both audio and video files.

We help make your content more searchable and SEO-friendly. Our transcripts improve your website traffic and Google rankings.

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Video & Audio Files That We Professionally Transcribe

Through our professional transcription services, we transcribe the following:

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arrow icon Public hearing

arrow icon Telephone conversations

arrow icon Workshop

arrow icon Health report

arrow icon Corporate meetings

arrow icon Group discussions

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We provide flawless transcripts at the lowest prices with same-day delivery options. You can also use our rush and super rush delivery services for immediate needs.

Our professionals are available 24/7 online to provide the best transcripts. They will meet all your deadlines and requirements. Feel free to contact us for the best online professional transcription services. We also provide translation of the transcribed texts.

Popular Transcription Services We Offer for All Industries

Professional transcription services help corporate organizations and businesses connect with a broader audience. We make their content accessible by providing accurate transcripts.

Even individuals need transcription of their audio and video files by professional transcribers.

The most popular industries that need professional transcription services are media, legal, finance, marketing, and advertising,

We are one of the most reliable transcription service agencies. We help our clients connect with their customers better. Our transcripts improve their brand visibility and content accessibility.

The most popular professional transcription services that we offer at our agency are,

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list arrow Audio Transcription:

Audio transcription involves converting any dialogue or speech into text format. We have a team of professional transcribers who provide accurate and flawless transcripts.

We transcribe speeches, public conferences, dictations, and phone calls. We pay great attention to details to avoid grammatical, spelling, and typing errors. We produce high-quality transcripts for all the audio files.

list arrow Video Transcription:

We have a team of highly-trained professionals. They can accurately transcribe your video projects. All our services are available at the best industry rates.

We analyze the video content by each section of footage. We transcribe the audio in the video file. We also edit the text for cross-reference.

Our team pays close attention to the audio conversation. Then, the transcripts go through a quality check to ensure accuracy and fluency.

We transcribe social media content, YouTube videos, TV shows, films, documentaries, and ads. Our video transcription services are beneficial for both individuals and businesses.

list arrow Legal Transcription:

Law professionals need experienced transcription professionals to transcribe their audio into text.

We have dedicated transcriptionists who are experts in the industry terminology. They can document any audio or video file in over 100 languages.

We provide transcripts for wiretaps, depositions, verbatim trials, and court records. All these transcripts are error-free and usable.

list arrow Medical Transcription:

Transcription services are essential in the medical field to document patients' records. Our transcriptionists provide secure and accurate transcripts for all your records.

Many clinics, hospitals, and health practitioners need transcription services. We help transcribe diagnosis histories and patient visit summaries. Our team also covers lab records, surgical instructions, and letters.

list arrow Academic Transcription:

Many students, professors, and educational professionals need academic transcription services. Our professional transcribers provide transcripts with excellent accuracy rates. Transcripts are perfect for documentation and training purposes.

We transcribe lectures, online classes, speeches, research articles, case studies, prospectuses, and job resumes. We also cover educational materials and e-learning tutorials.

list arrow Business Transcription:

Business transcription services are essential for brands to connect with global audiences. We convert any audio or video file for business or professional communication.

Most corporate organizations need written records of discussions, meetings, and teleconferences. These transcripts help distribute information to their clients, customers, and employees.

We also provide business transcripts to help with SEO rankings and customer engagement.

If you need any form of transcription, you can contact our agency.

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Have a look at our samples & clear your doubt about our accuracy.

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The Best Transcription Services by Qualified Experts

Choosing an exemplary transcription service to connect with your audience is crucial.

We are a professional transcription agency providing various transcription services without grammatical errors. The final document is readable and suits your target language.

Our native speakers are experienced and well-versed in many subject matters and cultures. They are also fluent in the most significant languages worldwide.

We focus on providing the best industry transcription services at competitive rates. Our transcription services are affordable and flawless for all your audio and video files.

We have a team of highly trained professional transcriptionists who work 24/7 online. They provide accurate video and audio transcription with a same-day delivery guarantee.

If you choose our team, we can assure you of a quick turnaround time for all your audio and video files. We deliver transcripts with the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

Your data is secure when you partner with our professional transcription agency. We sign non-disclosure agreements to maintain 100% confidentiality.

Give us a call online. Our team of expert transcriptionists is ready to work on your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vanan Services transcribes audio and video content in many languages. Our native multilingual speakers offer audio transcription in over 100 languages, including Spanish, French, Russian, German, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

A professional transcription company has certified transcriptionists who offer accurate and secure transcripts, We guarantee 99% accuracy and 100% confidentiality. We sign NDA documents to keep data protected.

We use the best linguists to provide accurate and quality transcripts by meeting your timelines. The file quality, language, and length will determine the time duration. Get professional transcripts for urgent needs through our rush and super-rush delivery services.