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Q4 report states that, Facebook has over 1.4 billion active users daily. Also, around 2.3 billion users are active monthly. Facebook is generating 8 million views a day, mostly without sounds. 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound.

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Make Videos Accessible With Facebook Closed Captions Services

The high viewership sites also noticed 50% to 80% Facebook users watching videos either without sound or quitting immediately.

This is where Facebook closed captioning services are required. Proper captions will help users to enjoy a video without sound. No captions over videos make users quit the video.

Choosing good closed captioning services for your videos will make your viewer stay and watch it till the end. This even increases your reach among hard-to-hear individuals.

Facebook Closed Captioning And Its Importance

Facebook pages with embedded videos are a powerful way for attracting viewers, driving traffic, providing information, answering questions, clearing doubts/queries, and increasing revenue. But what if your targets are not reached? What if people quit the video’s information due to the absence of captions? And how will you reach the deaf or hard-of-hearing possible?

22% of the world population is using Facebook and 85% don’t turn on the sound while watching a video. Thus, if you have provided the information along with closed captions, users will watch the video till the end, otherwise, they will bounce back within a few seconds.

Closed captioning helps reach more audience, inclusive of the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Plus, the ones who have language barriers also can make use of closed captioning into the language they require.

Closed captions majorly help in driving traffic. Search engines do not pick media when someone searches with a keyword. It will focus only on the text and meta-description. Closed-captioned videos are considered by search results, as captions replace meta-description. This makes the video accessible to larger audiences, making it search-engine friendly.

Why Not to Use Facebook Captioning Tool?

There are many platforms that offer free captioning service. But anything that comes free may be imperfect. Having free captioning tools doesn’t mean webpage owners or video makers should restrict captions.

Computer-generated captioning technologies are not perfect and take time for improving its accuracy. Precise captions increase the view time of Facebook videos around 12%. Plus, inaccurate captions decrease the number of views, making viewers go away from your videos. On the other hand, spelling mistakes would be embarrassing. Adding, the deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers will get your videos hard to understand.

.SRT File From Facebook Closed Captions Services

A SubRip (.srt) file is generated by A software that analyses video’s content and converts extracted captions and timecodes into texts. This file is thus uploaded along with your video for incorporating closed captions.

Requirement For Facebook’s Captions

If you need closed captions for your Facebook videos, then you have some requirements to fulfill. You are expected to give language suffixes for all caption files, irrespective of language.

For example- If you are uploading a US caption file, with your caption language not as English but to Spanish, then you must give the title name of file something like – ‘caption.es_LA.srt’.

When a US video owner/ maker, needs to reach the Spanish audience, a non- US language, then they have to use these file names. For instance, the country code included here was LA (Spanish).

Thus, Facebook needs .srt formats for adding closed captions for videos.

Our Facebook Closed Captioning Service

No more worries about accuracy issues from Facebook’s automatic captioning, as Vanan is providing precise and top-quality closed captioning services.

We have 100% manual captions from our professional experts, as there can be no doubts considering the accuracy of a human. Our language experts understand contexts, slangs, and colloquialisms. That’s why our captions are generated at a higher level.

The importance of nonverbal elements is understood by us. So, we at Vanan make sure to include every nonverbal element of your video into the captions. As captions are essential for hard-of-hearing or deaf viewers, you won’t miss even a single element of it.

We also provide names required for your .srt files, which is completely free of cost. We do this for making things easier to all. If a file’s name is proper, required by Facebook, then everything is hassle-free for you. Finally, upload the .srt file into your video, to get high-quality captions for your videos.


What are the file formats accepted for Facebook closed captioning?

Generally, providers accept: Webcast - Flash XML (.xml), SAMI (windows media), MacCaption (.mcc), iTunes Timed Text(.ITT), .ASS, .SSA spruce STL script ( extended Positioning), (.stl) caption center, (.tds) .SUB Webcast - Quick time script (.txt), .DFXP/TTML Avid caption only AAF (.aaf), CPC/LeapFrogccaption (.onl), Ultech ULT Caption (multilaungaug merge)(.ult), and other custom formats.

Which is the best company for Facebook captioning?

One of the best companies for captioning your Facebook videos is Vanan Captioning. They offer quality, accurate, and standard captions, that make the video owner/maker to reach a wider audience. The company has a large number of satisfied customers who achieved high revenue from the captioned videos.

Why are Facebook automated captioning tools not accurate?

Since automated platforms that offer free captions to videos are based upon Machine Learning, they do not give promising accuracy as compared to a human. Accuracy in spelling, grammar, dialect, punctuation, etc. are all common issues from Facebook automated caption tools.

How can I add captions to a video or slideshow ad?

You can search for good companies online that provide affordable captioning services for your slideshows or advertisements. You can also use the ‘near me’ searches for getting providers within your locality. For example, typing ‘Facebook captioning services Los Angeles’ will result in services near that area. Choose the best one after proper reading client testimonials properly.

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