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Captions are helpful for hearing-impaired individuals. In Europe, about 119 million people suffer from some form of hearing loss. Imagine this rate on a global basis. Playing an important role, videos have become a part of everyone’s life. Even the hearing-impaired communities can watch and enjoy videos online normally using captions.

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Professional Video Captioning Services for 100+ Languages

Adding captions to videos are not only for the hearing-impaired people, but also for the individuals, who need to watch videos without sounds. Captions thus make videos much more interactive and understandable, without sounds and tones.

The quality of captions is the key to watch videos by understanding its context. With video closed captioning service from Vanan Online Services, you get captions that are precise, clear, and correct. Our professionals work on giving social media, documentary, and YouTube video captioning for 100+ languages.

Video Captioning Services in US and Other Regions

We are an international agency serving video captioning services for many industries on a global level. The combination of our US-based professional captioners and editors, along with the provision of state-of-the-art tools, help us reach success effectively. Vanan stands unique in its services by having all the work for a project, beginning from the transcription to the final encoding of captions to the video.

Our captioners are highly trained to give captions from any file format, regardless of its language, complexity, and subject matter. For unfamiliar terminologies, our experts research thoroughly for giving captions with correct spelling and grammar.

As a final check of our quality, the captioning for any video is fully reviewed. Firstly, the captions are moved to the primary caption editor and then finally to the senior editor for a separate QC review. This will give excellent quality closed captions for any video. No matter how challenging the format is, our experts handle any project qualitatively.

Features of Our Video Captioning Services

Since we are an international company, we are certified and standardized with ISO for our services. All the closed caption services from Vanan is complaint with FCC and ADA, which gives you exceptional quality in the captions. Videos with poor quality, high background sounds, heavy accents, etc. are all equally delivered with maximum precision in the captions.

We also have an exclusive option called ‘Rush and Super Rush.’ This feature enables you to get video captioning services with the quickest turnaround time. The overall quality of the closed captions is not compromised anytime for its delivery. Our agency additionally provides you with:

● Cost-effective captioning rates

● 24*7 friendly and professional customer service

● Extra customization/personalization performed on request for captioning


Where can I find professional video captioning services in US?

Vanan is one of the best professional captioning agencies to give closed captions that are precise and readable through affordable rates. The company additionally supports 100+ languages for any file format for its video captioning services.

What are the platforms that need video captioning services?

Platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc. need closed captioning for their videos. Even movies and online documentaries need closed captions.

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