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More than a thousand multilingual voice actors are at your disposal for voice overs for video games, increasing the likelihood that your game will find an audience worldwide.

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Professional & Specialized Voice Overs for Video Games

Vanan Services routinely creates high-quality voice-overs for video games. Enjoy our services with starting rates of $25 per minute. Contact us at 1-800-230-7918 to receive your free quote. We know the voice-over industry well, and we've been through the casting process many times. We offer the best possible voice-over for your video game on PC, Console, or Mobile. Whatever your needs may be, we have the resources to fulfill them.

First, send us your scripts and a brief synopsis that includes the number of words, lines, and characters. As a bonus, any concept art or other sources of inspiration would be greatly appreciated. After reviewing your brief, our professional casting team will send you links to relevant voice demos or auditions.

Get high quality voice overs at highly affordable prices on time by expert voice artists.

Voice over - Samples
Before you hire us, please listen to our variety of samples: any voice, any language, any tone, and any industry. If you need a customized sample, get in touch with us.
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Different Voice Overs for Video Games That We Provide

The voice artists of Vanan Services have always wanted to work on game audio. As avid players, our motivation for this work is rooted in our desire to assist game designers in creating engaging narratives. In a word, yes! Our goal is to make players feel things they'll remember forever while they enjoy their gameplay.

The different kinds of game voiceovers that we cover include:

list arrow Sci-Fi
list arrow Contemporary Military FPS
list arrow Fantasy RPG
list arrow Adventure Games
list arrow Role Play Games
list arrow Real-time Strategy
list arrow Racing
list arrow Simulation games and many more.
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High-Quality Voice Overs for Video Games to Lure Gamers

When it comes to the success of a video game, the quality of the voice acting in the game's narrative, tutorials, and character interactions is crucial.

Video games lose their essence when the background music isn't up to par.

Modern video game sounds are more than just aural accompaniment. All of these elements work together to form a unified whole that hopefully makes you feel something as you play and make you feel a part of the world. Character dialogue reveals story details, provides helpful hints to the player, and serves other crucial functions.

It's vital to get the voice over and the actors you cast right for a video game, but there are many other details to keep in mind. If you hire the professionals at Vanan Services, you can expect nothing but the best outcome.

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The Essential Features of Our Video Game Voice Overs

A few peculiarities about voice acting in video games must be accommodated even before recording begins. Choosing the voice actors who will give life to the video game is a necessary process that may involve several actors playing the same or different roles.

It's important to hear from all potential candidates to find the one who best fits the character. The right choice of actors can significantly simplify and speed up the production of voice over and dubbing for computer games. Vanan Services can help you with everything from casting actors to a soundtrack for your game.

We edit the data after it has been collected, superimposing it on the game's action and then sorting the data into the categories you specify. Our company's voice acting for games meets the sophisticated audio requirements of today's video games. We guarantee the highest quality end result by paying close attention to every production stage.

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A gamer testing a game which had the best voice over completed by our voice over agency for video games.

How to Choose the Best Voice Over Agency for Video Games?

When looking for voice actors for a video game, there are a few constants to keep in mind.

list arrow Experience in the Field: Generally speaking, a good voice actor for a video game should have previous experience doing voice work for games or other character-centric media. Nonetheless, try listening to as many voice actors as possible to cast for roles. Not everyone with years of experience is qualified for the position.
list arrow Accent & Dialect Ensure the story is told by a voice actor who does a good job and keeps the listener interested. Dialects and regional accents can be very helpful in situations like this. An authentic character portrayal is achieved through subtle hints at their origins. Incredible voice acting, especially with regional or ethnic backgrounds, leaves a lasting impression on players.
list arrow Character Switching Video games often require a large cast of voice actors because of the various roles they must play. A talented voice actor with a unique imagination can give a distinct and believable voice. With the help of a skilled voice actor, you can trick your listeners into thinking that everyone they hear sounds like a different person.
list arrow Voice Style The actor's voice timbre pattern should be articulated to that of the game's drama, humor, and tragedy. The voice of a video game character should reflect the character's individuality. Does the game's hero end up being the villain after he's been beaten up? Perhaps you shouldn't go for a soothing, gentle tone of voice. Choose an actor instead with a rough, raspy voice and the ability to modulate pitch.
list arrow Gender & Age Most of the time, male voices are provided by male actors, and female actors provide female voices. That is not always the case, though. Many media, including video games, TV shows, and movies, feature voice acting by people of the opposite sex they portray.

The Best Voice Overs for Video Games - Why Choose Us?

In terms of voice-over, Vanan Services is unrivaled. It's simpler than ever to connect with skilled professionals.

We assist businesses, media producers, game developers, and film studios in finding native speakers of any language or dialect as fast as possible. Our company has provided media localization and voice-over translation services for games of all genres.

Your video game's voice acting and dubbing will be handled by a team that considers current trends, employs cutting-edge technology and software, and consists of experts in their fields.

When you hire Vanan Services, you can rest assured of affordable voiceovers in any major or rare language.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The video game industry uses voiceovers for AAA Titles, Indie games, Mobile games, Mobile apps, Gamified apps, Online gaming, and Multiplayer gaming.

Several factors, including the length of the script, post-production tasks, editing, and the availability of the talent, typically determine the time required to record a voice over. Most of our voice actors, however, are lightning-fast, so we can usually have a voice recording back to you in 2 to 3 business days.

We offer voice over services in all languages, including English, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, and many more.

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