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Proven and Trustworthy Malay Voiceover Services by Experts

Every business needs proven and trustworthy Malay voiceover services for effectively communicating with its audiences. Our voiceover services will help you achieve your desired objective with a precise voiceover of your text by native speakers. The element of confidentiality in our services also ensures the prolific benefits of the trust.

We have been catering to the needs of clients from the creative media and business landscape. Whether you require male, female, or child voice, you can find a reliable voice actor in our team to translate your content into the Malay language. Share your requirement with us, and our expert voice actors can start working on the project immediately.

The talent of our voiceover artists is one of the strengths to define the effectiveness of our voiceover services. With years of experience, our voice actors can work on different types of content, including commercial ads as well as videos for YouTube channels. We can also offer customization in voices as we have young, old, soft, and bold voices available according to your need. Call 1-800-230-7918 to receive a free quote.

Voice over - Samples
Before you hire us, please listen to our variety of samples: any voice, any language, any tone, and any industry. If you need a customized sample, get in touch with us.
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Danish Female Luna
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French Male Robin
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Dutch Female Marleke
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Want to Know Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Voice Over?

We urge you choose us for your commercial voiceovers coz we can make a difference. You get to find the perfect voice for your project from our talented pool of pre-screened, versatile female and male voice actors with proven expertise in commercial voice recordings. Being native speakers, they are proficient with linguistic nuances of local dialects that resonate with your television viewers/listeners.

You’ll also be able to use the same voice talent across different advertising channels and commercials to distinctly establish your brand’s identity. Even without visuals, your customers will be able to identify your brand when they hear the same familiar voice. Superior sound quality of audio recordings, short turnaround times, 24/7 customer support, and discounts on bulk orders are few other features that benefit our clients.

Further, you’ll also be able to save time otherwise spent on multiple auditions to find a suitable voice. You may opt for free trials and request non-obligatory quotes to assess our offerings. Your project details will remain secure and confidential with us. We sign an NDA to assure you we your ad is in safe hands, and our prices are reasonable!

A professional voice actor recording a commercial voiceover for a podcast on her laptop.
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Expand Your Reach with Accurate Malay Voiceover Services

Do you need to expand your reach with accurate Malay voiceover services?

Any business seeking international exposure should rely on our Malay voiceover services to tap into specific markets. You can get studio-quality Malay voiceover for diverse uses. We offer efficient and superior-quality Malay voiceovers. You can also rely on us for voiceovers in English & other languages.

The reach of an ad could increase among a Malay-speaking population when it is in the native language. You can trust us for any type of project where Malay voiceovers can support your objectives. We can also help you with certain nuances that make Malay content more appealing.

Vanan Services offers a simple workflow for ensuring the best results for you. We provide demos to help you verify quality. Your audio recording and videos are safeguarded with a non-disclosure agreement for complete confidentiality.

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Malay Voiceover Services for Creative Media

Malay voiceover services for creative media could open your content to broader listeners. The translation towards new forms of media emphasizes the need for a voice actor to support seamless understanding of the content. You can rely on our voiceover talent for TV programs, animation videos, explainer videos, and films.

Vanan Services can help film distribution companies, television channels, film producers, ad film makers, and video game creators expand the reach of their content. The assurance of expert sound engineers working on your project resolves your common concerns regarding the quality of the output.

Our team of voice actors listens to every file in detail to understand the context and other important elements. We believe in retaining the essence of the original video through careful coverage of essential information communicated in the file.

A Women Voice Artist Recording Malay Voiceover for Creative Media.
A professional voice actor recording malay voiceover  for an advertisement

Business-Centric Malay Voiceovers for Increased Efficiency

Vanan Services addresses Malay voiceover needs for increasing the efficiency of your business. Marketing initiatives in Malaysia could become easier by hiring us. You can tap into the Austronesian audience with reliable and high-quality narration in your corporate branding videos or promo video. We also help you in the recording of IVR messages in Malay.

Many advertising agencies, e-learning companies, corporate film makers, and radio jingle makers rely on our voiceover services for different goals. Video makers can trust us for secure translation of videos according to their specific requirements.

Malay Voiceover Services for All Media Content

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How Much Does a Malay Voice-over Cost?

The cost of Malay voiceover services varies significantly according to the type of narration, character descriptions, number of speakers, duration of the video or audio files, etc. We believe that the efforts to create the perfect voice renders viable results for all voiceover projects.

We offer the assurance of transparency in the costs of our affordable voiceover services. Get a free quote now to know your exact price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A voiceover service refers to the recording of voice-over tracks by voiceover actors or narrators who read the script and record the audio track, which can then be added to the final video/audio. Voiceovers can be done in different languages, accents and styles depending on the need of the project.

The cost of a Malay voice-over depends on the project type, size, and other customizations. Our prices are highly affordable, and you can get a free quote right away and know your price.

You can order voiceover services after checking our samples. You can place your order and share the content to be recorded. You can mention the language for your recording such as Malay, Mandarin, Spanish, English or other languages.