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Best Transcription Services for Podcasts - Audio and Video

Are you looking for accurate podcast transcription services for your show?

Vanan Services is the ideal destination. Our transcribers help you reach audiences far and wide with the best podcast transcription service and closed captioning for your podcasts. The starting rate for our transcription services is $1/minute. Contact us at 1-800-230-7918 to get a free quote.

Contact us to get your podcasts transcribed by experts!

We can create transcripts in over 100 different languages in any standard format. Our transcribers regularly transcribe podcast content, so they are well aware of how they must be captured!

Spend your valuable time on creating new content, and leave the task of transcription to our experts!

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How You Can Make Your Podcasts Accessible to Our All Audiences

Audio and video podcasts have gained immense popularity in the recent past. However, people with hearing disabilities, especially senior citizens and even younger people with difficulty in hearing, cannot access the podcast content. Research states that around 48 million people suffer from hearing loss in the US.

Including transcripts and closed captions alongside the podcast makes it accessible to all types of audiences, including those who have hearing impairments.

For instance, your podcast about tips for staying healthy would fail to reach the target elderly group without accurate transcripts and captions. Let us help you reach the right audience for your content by transcribing podcasts into simple textual formats.

Contact us for professional-level transcripts for your podcasts.

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Have a look at our samples & clear your doubt about our accuracy.

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How Accurately Transcribed Podcasts are Beneficial

Search engines do not understand audio and video content. The audience fails to find your content online even if it fits their search criteria. The text contained in captions and transcripts can be indexed and crawled by search engines, unlike the voice in the audio and video podcasts.

We transcribe podcast to text to make the content more searchable. Publishing a transcript along with the podcast and uploading captions boosts your SEO. Complementing your podcast with transcripts increases the search rankings, and enhances website traffic, thus, resulting in a surge in subscribers.

Transcribing your podcasts enables you to reach the audience who find it intimidating to understand the spoken language.

Now you know why the most popular You Tube videos are complemented with captions. The same holds for podcasts.

We offer a range of audio transcription services tailored to audio / video podcast.

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Top Quality Podcast Transcription Services Provided

Simply recording your podcast is not enough to impact the target group. Getting transcripts to entice the audience and leverage the written text online is important.

Podcasts complemented with transcripts enable your listeners to find the required information conveniently rather than waiting for the appropriate moment in the audio file. Moreover, transcripts are easier to share and quote to friends and acquaintances.

Transcripts make translation into another language easier. Categorically, transcribing podcasts helps you reach international audiences who speak and understand different languages.

We provide accurate transcripts of your audio files and video file that support your podcast at affordable pricing within the specified duration. We provide both verbatim and closed captions, depending on your requirement.

At Vanan Services, we also offer additional services like speaker identification and timestamps.

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Various Podcast Transcription Services Trustworthy Provided by Us

No matter the subject, accent quality, or accent, our expert transcribers provide the most accurate audio podcast transcription services. Our team includes different subject matter experts from various sectors. Transcriptions are not limited to word-by-word conversion from speech to text. The transcribers are well-versed with the subject and maintain the original intent, emotion, and meaning in the transcript.

They can handle different types of podcast transcription services.

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list arrow Webcast transcription
list arrow Radio podcast transcription
list arrow Multiple speaker podcast transcription
list arrowWebcast lecture transcription
list arrow Research webcast transcription
list arrowInterview webcast transcription
list arrow Sports event transcription
list arrowTurnkey television studio conferences transcription
list arrow Multi-participant webcast transcription
list arrow Time-stamped audio webcast transcription
list arrowLegal proceedings transcription
list arrow Video/audio library hosting webcast transcription
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Professional Reasons to Choose us as your Trusted Transcription Partner

Whether you make videos or recording audio files for educational or entertainment purposes, podcast transcripts help you build and sustain your audience.

Some people may understand a language but find it challenging to follow the spoken language, just like the challenge faced in listening to a quick flow of language in the classroom. Transcripts help them gain access to your podcast content.

Choosing our efficient transcription services can make your content more meaningful and reachable. We provide 100% human-powered transcription to steer away from costly mistakes. We can help you create Section 508 compliant webcasts for your content, i.e., accessible webcasts.

Our transcribers do not use the automated voice typing feature but transcribe the content individually.

Our key features attract clients to our services.

Here's the list:

list arrowCompetitive podcast transcription cost
list arrowNative transcribers
list arrow A quick turnaround time
list arrow Human-powered audio transcription only
list arrow 24/7 customer support
list arrow Over 100 languages
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our audio transcription rates are affordable. However, the rates vary depending on the length and complexity of the audio file.

Some AI tools automatically convert audio files into text. However, they lack accuracy because although they can create a word-to-word transcript, they suffer from mistakes caused due to misunderstanding of words in different accents, etc. We provide only human-powered transcription services and ensure accuracy.

Yes, we provide fast transcription services to meet your urgent needs. We can provide transcripts in 24 hours too, depending on the audio file's length and complexity.
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