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Manual Transcription vs Automated Transcription - Which is Most Accurate?

Presenting digital content is the need of the hour as the world makes technological advancements every day. Manual transcription vs automated transcription is a choice you must make for transcribing your content. Text for video content is crucial for archival, information, and other purposes for businesses and individuals.

If you are looking for manual transcription services, hire us to get the best results.

Manual transcription is converting audio-visual media to text with the help of trained individuals. Professional transcriptionists produce accurate and high-quality transcription for your audio-visual content. For enquiries, please contact us at 1-800-230-7918. Vanan Services offers manual audio transcription services through its network of qualified and experienced transcribers. Our transcription services are priced at a starting rate of $1/minute for general types and $2/minute for legal types.

On the contrary, automated transcription involves using AI and speech and text software to produce written texts. Also, it has zero human involvement, so it is not very accurate.

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Brief Advantages of Manual and Automated Transcription

Manual vs automated transcription both have advantages for businesses and individuals. Manual transcriptions are more reliable and accurate as a trained human produces transcripts of your media. A transcriptionist better understands the nuances of the tone and pitch of the audio-visual media, thus, the written content deeper.

A human can transcribe accurately by understanding the complex terminologies in the medical, legal, and business fields.

Automated transcription is cost-effective and can be performed quickly by the software. Individuals and businesses who prefer carrying out transcriptions themselves can use automated tools and software to get the written content.

Businesses looking to enhance productivity and get transcriptions in real time can benefit from the automated method. One can also incorporate translation into automated transcription. Thus, you can get the content in many dialects.

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Have a look at our samples & clear your doubt about our accuracy.

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Disadvantages of Manual and Automated Transcription

Which is more accurate, manual or automated transcription? Technology can never match human intelligence. Hence, automated translations always have room for error compared to human transcriptions. Factors like background noise, rapid speech, heavy accent, and other assorted noises can hamper the quality of automated transcription services. Since the accuracy of AI software for transcription is not too high, one needs to hire proofreaders and editors.

As for human transcription, this is the most accurate way of converting your audio-visual media to text. Vanan Services ensures accuracy of 98% while transcribing any audio or video for clients. Humans are skilled at reviewing, polishing, and altering transcriptions while maintaining the context of the content.

Manual transcription covers the tone, pitch, and verbal cues accurately. If you require transcription of complex terms, depend on our manual transcriptions services. What's the cost difference between manual and automated transcription? Automated transcription is usually less expensive, but the potential for errors might require additional proofreading costs. Manual transcription, while more costly, provides higher quality.

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Professional Transcription Services at Low Costs in the USA

Vanan Services is one of the most renowned manual transcription services provider, offering highly accurate transcriptions. We have a huge network of expert transcriptionists, offering multilingual transcriptions. You can reap the benefits of manual transcription services by hiring our human transcribers at affordable rates.

Our team has advanced industrial knowledge and possesses an eye for detail in your audio and video. Connect with us now to get the best transcriptions.

We offer business transcription services to various industries like legal, medical, financial, media, entertainment, etc. With excellent linguistic skills and industry-specific knowledge, our results are flawless and impressive. Our business transcription service is for any volume of project you require.

We transcribe audio-visual media for businesses, individuals, educational institutions, entertainment houses, etc. We offer human transcription services to ensure that the results are highly accurate and cost-effective. When should you use manual vs automated transcription? Use manual transcription for high-stakes, complex content needing high accuracy. Automated transcription works well for simple, less formal content where speed is vital. Read More

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Why Hire Our Services for All Transcription Requirements?

If you want to hire the best transcription company for your next transcription project, Vanan Services is the name you can trust.

We transcribe following the ISO standards to ensure that the transcriptions are of top quality. Our transcriptions are secured with an NDA and customized to meet all the client's requirements.

With our multilingual transcriptions, you can reach a broader target audience, both local and international.

We have linguistic experts with industry experience, enabling them to transcribe professionally. You can hire our transcriptionists to transcribe in many foreign languages. With our transcription services, you can also spread your message to the hearing impaired population.

Most importantly, our transcriptions help with SEO ranking. Videos accompanied by texts have higher chances of being recognized by Google. Thus, your audio-visual media becomes popular among the audience.

So contact our exceptional team for a manual transcript for any audio-video content now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We charge per minute of audio based on the project requirement and the language that the client chooses. Vanan Services offers highly competitive prices for its services. There are no hidden charges as we believe in transparency and trust with our clients.

Yes. Vanan Services has transcribers with diverse linguistic backgrounds. Our transcribers are native speakers. Hence, you can get your content transcribed in multiple languages like




4.French, etc.

Yes you can send us your input in any language. We offer transcriptions in more than 100 languages. You can choose any language pair as per your requirement. Our transcriptionists have expertise in Russian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, etc.

Yes. You can opt for our rush and super rush services if you have an urgent financial or any other translation requirement. While placing the order, you can mention your needs to us. Our team shall do its best to fulfill your task in the least possible time. Though we provide quick services, there is no compromise on the quality of the result as our translators are efficient and experienced.

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