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Delivering Exceptional Mandarin Transcription Services

The professionals at Vanan Online Services are trained to deliver quality Mandarin transcription services for multiple industries. Our experts attend to the following aspects predominantly for a Mandarin or Chinese transcription project:

Format of the transcript: One of the overlooked factors of Mandarin transcription services is the overall format. A well-personalized Mandarin transcript is formatted using correctly indented font, speaker tag markers, text patterns, etc. from our agency. This will give easily readable transcripts, respective to the industry.

Grammar: A transcriber generally does not possess control over the grammar and lexical parts of a Mandarin audio file. However, our company ensures this by having comprehensive resources and language materials, that gives the Mandarin transcriber a grip over the audio’s grammar.

Urgent delivery: Our agency has an option called ‘Rush and Super Rush.’ This feature is to guarantee English to Mandarin transcription or any other language, to be delivered quickly, without hampering the precision and quality. Deadlines can be critical with the additional challenge of having a poor and incomprehensible input file. Our experts handle such instances through the help of a quality assurance and control team.

Verbatim and timestamping: Sometimes, a verbatim Mandarin transcription can be hard to document, since conveying the exact tone from an audio is difficult. With the support of 800+ native Mandarin language experts, the goal of providing accurate transcripts is attained 99% and above. On the other hand, we do not provide a summarized version of an audio; this is viewed from the results of our transcription service.

These factors are given primary importance, with additional focus for industry-specific customization on all our professional Mandarin transcription orders. Additional offers can be availed from your Mandarin transcription rates after reviewing your input file’s length/duration.

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