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Vanan’s Way of Handling English Transcription Services

There are guidelines specific to English transcription services that a professional must follow to get the best results. However, experts from our company have the skills to perform accurate transcription in English, by managing a few other additional challenges. Our experts handle the following challenges effectively:

Selection of resources: It is a crucial step to find resources for quality assurance for an English transcription (pertaining to both American and British English transcription). The expertise from Vanan tackles this issue by:

✓ Employing a manager to identify, choose and interview a suitable resource, specific to your project.

✓ Having a lead QA and language specialists for running the overall quality assurance check.

✓ Appointing a Senior Project Manager to track the smooth running of your English transcription project.

Quality of input: Majority of audios for online English transcription that our experts receive are unformatted and unscripted. This even includes files that contain overlapping speeches, intermix of English jargon - both British and American, unintelligible words, noisy backgrounds, inaudible communications, etc.

Vanan Online Services work on such challenging inputs through our evaluation team. Our evaluators identify the unusable content beforehand and then document it to the reporting heads. A new file is then possibly requested and re-evaluated for the transcription to begin. This evaluation is followed even for English phonemic transcription projects from our clients.

Security: Most of the legal and official file formats require a confidential working strategy. There are at times, where even business sectors have English audios that needs to be transcribed securely.

Considering the importance of security in your file format, our company is protected from third-party’s involvement through an SSL encryption. Our English transcription services are finally processed by deleting your source data from our servers.

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