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Professional Meeting Transcription Services in Any Language

What a drag would it be to re-direct your critical production time to creating transcripts for the meeting notes or minutes of the meeting on your own? Are you pondering whether to rely on full-time transcription personnel to delegate that redundant task? Hold that thought on hiring and look ahead to outsourcing all those meeting recordings to our error-free meeting transcription services.

Vanan Services is a trusted meeting transcription service provider catering to individuals & businesses from different industries. We transcribe any recorded meeting that you have, long or short, to perfection in over 100 languages. Get a flawless meeting transcription at a quick turnaround time and affordable costs. Starting at just $1/minute for general transcription and $2/minute for legal transcription, our services are competitively priced. Get your free quote today by calling 1-800-230-7918. Call us or chat with us right away!!

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Why are Meeting Transcription Services Needed?

Meetings are a significant part of the business environment. Businesses thrive, in some cases, survive through dialogue and decisions borne from meetings. Meeting transcription ensures that the business details exchanged during these events are documented for life. Meeting transcripts also facilitate accurate data management, especially in high-level meetings involving projects, client presentations, etc.

Given the new reality of rampant virtual meetings and business communication decoupled from localization, it's an ever-present challenge to remember every important detail discussed in a meeting. Voila!!

Our meeting transcription services are here to save the day!! No puns intended. We offer the utmost efficacy and efficiency with general or recorded notes of your monthly/weekly meets, regardless of job level, domain, or industry.

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How Vanan Services Provides Effective Meeting Transcripts?

In the age of virtual meetings, information sharing is often unfiltered especially in-house online meetings which are conducted at every turn without prior notice. Unscheduled meetings are likely to cause disarray as these short meetings during production hours make it impossible for speaking and taking notes to take place simultaneously. Insert a meeting transcript of these recorded meetings and there's your solution for further analysis and discussion after the meeting.

Vanan Services specializes in transcription solutions through the unique combination of the right level of technology in the hands of our professional transcribers, certified editors, proofreaders, and subject experts. Our dedicated transcription team transcribes a high volume of corporate web recordings daily to deliver flawless transcripts for any given delivery timeline, regardless of language, file quality, and domain specifics.

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Meeting Transcription Services We Offer Include:

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arrow icon Boardroom meetings

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Why Affordability isn't Just a Pitch with Vanan Services?

Vanan Services has broken the idea of relying on in-house or expensive business experts to get high-level meetings transcribed as the long-held belief was that they're the only ones who could best understand the specifics of current operations and strategies of their organizations. Our long-standing excellence in board meeting transcription and minutes of meeting transcription services isn't true just because of our expertise but also for our affordability.

Let the affordable meeting transcription services of Vanan with its proven expertise in audio transcription services and business management ease the tedious process of transcribing online/virtual meetings with prices that will hardly affect your corporate budget. Get in touch now!! Make decisions with the help of good quality transcripts.

Every spoken word amounts to business performance in the current age of digital cutthroat competition. Vanan Services continues to contribute to the present and future requirements of our diverse clientele comprising several government agencies and corporate companies. We deliver transcripts that hold critical portfolios of financial performance, growth strategies, government norms, laws, hiring practices, and business results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we ever!! Our clients from various domains, some in the sector of military services, justice & law, specifically call for the inclusion of verbatim due to the content's sensitivity and the transcripts' purpose. Verbatim is a crucial feature of the business meeting transcriptions we deliver around the clock for corporate organizations and individuals for various reasons, from personal to official and legal. Pick any stream you want, but the quality of the verbatim included transcripts remain unchanged.

Speaker identification is more challenging than it may sound. Companies require speaker identification for their official documentation of meetings, whether it's interview assessments, high-level meetings of stakeholders, or business decisions. The speaker identification gives them a detailed account of who said what. Our business meeting transcription services relies on professional transcribers, who specialize in meeting transcriptions, ensure that the speaker tags, usually the names or as per any preferred format, are placed at every conversation turn.

All file formats which are familiar with transcription requests, such as 3GP, AAC, AIF, AIFF, AMR, CAF, DSS, FLAC, M4A, MOV, MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV, WEBM, WMA, WMV are acceptable. Our clients don't have to concern themselves with a prescribed format as such as we will convert the files in the event the file format happens to be outside of any of the standard formats as long as the file is intact and valid.