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Telecommunication companies, both huge players and the newly formed ones, aim at providing services to different geographical areas and time zones. However, when it comes to extending services to other parts of the country or world, the telecom companies face the biggest challenge of all time- the language differences.

This is why at Vanan Services, we provide the best form telecommunication translation services. We have a team of expert and genuine translators who deal with various languages. Thanks to them we can attend to the various needs of our telecon clients.

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Why choose our certified telecommunications translation services for any language?

Vanan Services has become one of the best companies providing professional telecommunication translations. We have described in what ways we are different from others.

  • Certified services: At Vanan, we provide only certified translations. Our company is ISO certified and follows all the data protection laws and regulations.
  • Skilled translators: We have different teams working on the telecommunication translation works. Each team handles different languages so that the work can be of the best quality. Hence, for professional telecommunication translation services, contact us right away.
  • Authorized translation services: Vanan Services has gained several certifications and grades which allows us to handle confidential and government telecom document translations.
  • Dedicated services: We understand the need to have well translated documents and other files related to telecom industry. For this reason, our team never delays in providing the work or miss a deadline.
  • 100% accuracy: Once the translation work is done, we have experts and proofreaders who verify both the documents to check whether the information is the same.
  • Different translation services: We are experts in providing different services related to telecommunication document translation services. In addition, we also translate the audios spoken in one language into multiple languages with all the information included correctly.
  • Affordable price: Our service charges are affordable and hence, you won’t have to worry about paying extra unnecessarily. You will see that our services and quality are beyond worth it.

Our Telecommunication Document Translation Services

Documents form the most important part of the telecommunication industry. This is why, at, Vanan Services, we provide certified telecommunication translation services to our clients. Be it a one page document or website content translations, we are experienced in providing the best and the most accurate document translation services to various telecom industries all around the world.

So, if you are in need for the best online telecommunication translation services, do contact us at the earliest. You can browse through our websites to gain more knowledge about how we proceed with the translation works. You can read our portfolio consisting of the reviews of our past clientele. So far, none of our clients have ever complained about delayed deliveries, misplaced information, incorrect translations, and other issues.

Hence, do not make any delays in contemplating whether to hire us or not. Our telecommunication translation company will help you achieve your goals of expanding the business to other parts of the world.


1. Why certified telecommunication translation services are important?

Since crucial documents are involved in telecommunication industry, hiring certified translators is important as they can guarantee the accuracy of the documents.

2. What type of documents can be translated in the telecom industry?

Documents such as package information, new plans, agreements, MOU and others need to be translated into another language so that the target audience can avail the services of the concerned telecommunication company.

3. Are the translated documents proofread by the translation company before delivery?

Yes, the translators will proofread the documents and the final texts before delivering them to the clients.

Business Certified Multimedia
For professional use For official use
(Birth Certificates, Marriage... )


Audio and Video
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Additional features Additional cost
Notarization $15/page
[Includes Certification Charge - $5+ Service Charge - $10]
Mailing Charges(US only) through USPS $20 - Within 2 to 3 business days
Note: Express delivery available

File Formats For Translation

We accept and deliver file formats such as.
Input formats Output formats
From .XML, .HTML, .TXT, .JPG, .GIFF, .DOCX, .WORD, .DOC, .PPT, .XLS, .PDF, .MP3, .MP4 and more. .DOCX, .DOC, MP3, MP4, .PDF and custom file formats.

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