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Vimeo is a very popular open video platform in US. Vimeo is used by around 42 million US people. It is very much like YouTube, but one thing that makes it different is being ad free. Vimeo is the world’s biggest ad free open video platform.

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Increase Your Vimeo Video Views by Our Vimeo Captioning Services

It is nice option for business set ups and is also good for independent video makers to reach wide range of audience to get thousands of viewers. It was the first video app that came into the play and has great archive based on the plans provided by them. There are approx. 7,10,000 premium users of Vimeo app.

Why Vimeo Captioning Services?

You can increase the number of views and viewers by making your Vimeo videos more accessible. Adding captions is one way to do this. Adding captions not only going to increase the number of viewers but also going to let them stick to your video till end. It also helps with increasing SEO.

There are more benefits to have captioned Vimeo videos like –

  • Captions will make your video more accessible.
  • Captions also increase the SEO for your video and thus, can make it rank higher on search engine.
  • It is great way to make your videos accessible to deaf or hearing-impaired persons.
  • People can read captions when they want to watch a video without turning on the sound.

Vanan can help you with all these above-mentioned points. We offer closed captioning services for Vimeo videos with great quality and accuracy. Vanan Services provide Vimeo video closed captioning services for videos, short films, movies, etc. We have experienced and native caption experts to work on your projects.

How we can help?

Vanan can help you by providing Vimeo video captioning service including following factors –


We have professionally qualified linguists, who deliver accurate and great quality captions to your Vimeo videos. The captions have to pass our expert editors and proofreaders for precision checking, before it gets delivered to you.


We offer 100% human generated captions. But we have a qualified technical team who uses latest techniques for precision checking to make your captions efficient to grab more traffic.


We are an ISO certified company and we follow all the rules as per ADA and FCC. We also provide NDA agreement to ensure you that your files are completely safe in our hands.


We only charge the value worth the work we do for you. Vanan is among the most affordable Vimeo video captioning services. We offer the .srt files to make things easy for you, without charging anything extra.

Customer Support

We always work to make your experience best. Our customer support system is also like that. We provide 24*7 customer service. You can connect with them anytime to get information, to clear your doubts, to get update on your project, to give suggestions and feedbacks.

File Formats

We support a wide range of file formats. The list is just endless. A few of them are –

.SRT, .Web VTT, .SBV, .DFXP, .SMI, .QT, .RT , .SLT, .SUB, .SMPTE-TT, .SCC, AVID SS, etc.


Why Vimeo closed captioning is important?

The importance of closed captions in your Vimeo video are –

  • Increase views
  • Better SEO
  • Accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people
  • Good for people watching without turning the sound on
  • Easy for people who don’t speak English as their first language, etc.

How can I activate closed captions in a Vimeo video?

The steps to activate closed captions for Vimeo video are –

  • Open video
  • Go to CC button at the lower corner of the playback
  • Click CC button
  • Choose your preferred language

When you hit the CC button, it will turn to blue turning on the captions for your video.

How long will it take to caption a Vimeo video?

The time taken will depend on following factors –

  • File size
  • Quality of video
  • File format of video
  • Length of video, etc.

After considering all these factors, we will be able to estimate the time that we need to work on your video.

Do you provide captioning to nonverbal elements as well?

Yes. We know that nonverbal elements are important to be considered as captions. They can break or make the whole context of a video.

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