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Get flawless & secure annual report translations from certified finance translators at affordable costs in over 100 languages.
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Why Do You Need Annual Reports Translation Services & How Do We Help?

International investment for trade and expansion requires companies to translate annual reports into the language understood by owners, employees, shareholders, investors, clients & government organizations. When an organization plans to go global and expand to new markets, it has to translate several documents, and annual reports are a crucial document that needs translation.

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Certified translation of financial reports is essential as expansion plans rest on a clear understanding of these. Our certified annual report translations are accepted worldwide by all Governments, organizations & agencies. Some reports are even submitted to Government officials at the end of every year.

Vanan Services has years of experience translating annual reports for various industries including legal, academic, healthcare, manufacturing, technical, IT, eCommerce, and more. We have a team of financial translators with immense experience in annual report translation. Our team has delivered flawless and satisfactory results to over 1000 clients.

Get the most confidential & accurate translation of annual reports and financial statements by the experts at Vanan Services in more than 100 languages.

Certified, Secure & Professional Annual Reports Translation Services

Our professional translators are experts in commercial document translation required for global trade and have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and terminologies. They are also linguistically fluent in the source and target language and understand the importance of the level of confidentiality required in financial document translation. Every detail is taken care of before delivering the translated documents to you.

In addition to the above, our translators also understand International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and locally acceptable legal and jurisdiction laws of the target country.

We proudly boast of the best team of native translators who are linguistic experts and financial subject matter professionals providing certified and high-quality annual report document translation services.

Our Language Expertise

We work with a vast team of expert native translators. We translate into more than 100 languages, some of them being:

✓ Spanish

✓ French

✓ Arabic

✓ Italian

✓ German

✓ Dutch

✓ Portuguese

✓ Mandarin

✓ Japanese

Why Hire Our Services?

✓ ISO 17100 certification

✓ Certified Annual Report Translation Services (Free translation certificate)

✓ On-Time Deliveries

✓ Safety and Security of Data

✓ Competitively Priced

✓ 100+ language translations by native language translators

✓ Rush & super rush translations - Delivery within 24 hours

✓ We provide notarization services

✓ High accuracy

✓ Financial Translators

✓ Over 100 languages

Hire Vanan Services for professional translations of financial reports. Get trustworthy, accurate, and complete annual report translations for corporations at minimal costs.

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Can I get the translated document on the same day of order placement?

At Vanan Services, we offer on-demand rush services so that you can get the translated documents on the same day.

Which languages are preferred for translating the annual reports?

Vanan Services translates into several languages like Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Italian, Dutch, and many more.

How long does it take to translate the annual reports under normal conditions?

Usually, annual report translations by the experts take about 3 to 5 business days.

How much do annual reports translation services cost?

We are competitively priced. However, the cost depends on the type of document, size and languages involved. We keep your budget in mind while quoting the price. Get in touch with us for a free quote.

In what format shall I send my annual reports for translation?

We support all files types and formats including .XML, .TXT, .GIFF, .JPG, .HTML, .DOC, .DOCX, .PDF and many more.

What is the translation process?

You can conveniently upload the document on our website. You will receive a quote. Once you confirm and make the payment, our translators with the right expertise work on the translation and then return the translated document while maintaining thorough safety and security.

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Additional features Additional cost
Notarization $15/page
[Includes Certification Charge - $5+ Service Charge - $10]
Mailing Charges(US only) through USPS $20 - Within 2 to 3 business days
Note: Express delivery available

File Formats For Translation

We accept and deliver file formats such as.
Input formats Output formats
From .XML, .HTML, .TXT, .JPG, .GIFF, .DOCX, .WORD, .DOC, .PPT, .XLS, .PDF, .MP3, .MP4 and more. .DOCX, .DOC, MP3, MP4, .PDF and custom file formats.

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