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Accurate Academic Transcription Services

Vanan Services is one of the most reputed and reliable providers of professional academic transcription services in over 100 languages. We have certified transcribers onboard who are committed to providing education transcription of high accuracy. We take pride in having successfully delivered our transcription services to hundreds of students and teaching professionals.

In the fast-paced academic setting, accuracy and speed matter a lot. Self-transcriptions may require the students to spend a lot of time transcribing the audio recordings of the classroom or making notes from the videos. Our transcription services aim to save the valuable time of the students and provide them with top-notch transcriptions.

Teacher Teaching in the Class Room

Our academic transcribers have years of experience and expertise in delivering professional transcription services. We offer our services to university students, professors, and market researcher at affordable rates. We focus on surpassing the expectations of the clients and ensuring optimum satisfaction.

The Need for Academic Transcription

When attending an academic lecture, paying attention is very important. However, listening to the lectures and writing down the notes simultaneously is not possible. It can affect the comprehensive understanding of the different important concepts.

Transcribing the audio or video lectures allows for getting a better grasp and retaining the information effectively. Lecture transcription provides the students with easy and quick access to lengthy notes. The transcription enables the students to prepare better during exam time and get higher grades.

The background noise in the classrooms or academic settings often limits individuals from understanding what is being said in the audio or video recordings. Especially when there are multiple speakers, it becomes more difficult to find the meaning of the audio recordings. Transcription allows for overcoming all such issues and ensures optimum convenience for individuals.

Academic transcriptions also allow individuals with hearing disabilities to access academic materials easily. It enables them to understand the content without any hassle or difficulty.

Academic Transcription Services We Provide

We, at Vanan Services, understand the increasing demand for transcription services. Our certified experts provide a complete range of transcription solutions. We are a one-stop platform for all your transcription needs relating to the field of academics.

We provide the following types of academic transcriptions.

  • Lecture transcription 
  • Group discussions transcription
  • Thesis transcription
  • Dissertation transcription
  • Seminars transcription
  • Academic research transcription
  • Essay transcription
  • Conference transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Presentations transcription
  • Oral history transcription

We support all file formats and deliver the transcribed files to our clients in the desired format. We ensure the optimum convenience of our valuable clients.

How does Our Transcription Work?

We have a systematic process in order to ensure the delivery of high-quality transcriptions. We offer easy and quick transcription to the clients. Here is a quick glance at the steps involved in providing our transcriptions.

➣ Upload

Our transcription process starts with the uploading of the files that are to be transcribed. Uploading your file will take a few minutes. You can upload the files directly to our website.

➣ Choose the Service

We offer a variety of academic transcriptions. So, on the basis of your specific requirement, you need to select the appropriate transcription option. After selecting the correct option, you can simply place your order.

➣ Delivery of Transcripts

We ensure delivering the transcripts to the clients in a secure manner. We leverage the best-in-class technologies to enhance the security of transcripts and also provide NDA to the clients. We provide the transcripts in the format that the client requires.

High-Quality Academic Transcription Services for Students

Vanan Services is a leading provider of top-notch transcriptions for students. Finding the important facts and points from a long lecture can be difficult. Moreover, reading doubles the memory retention capability of the individuals in comparison to listening to lectures.

We provide quality transcriptions and increase the access of students to the study materials. We encourage students to be more attentive during the lectures instead of worrying about note taking. We take the responsibility of transcribing the audio and video lectures and delivering accurate transcripts to the students.

In addition to the school and university students, we extend our service to the students who are pursuing their doctorate degrees. We are proficient in transcribing the research works on diverse topics. We ensure the delivery of flawless academic research transcription services.

A number of group discussions take place before research actually starts. The matter of the focus groups is vital for finding the objectives, orientation, and methodology of the research work. Our expert transcribers at Vanan Services transcribe these group discussions and allows students to conveniently work on their research projects.

Certified Academic Transcription Services for Lecturers

Our transcription solutions are not only limited to the students. The need for transcription services is increasing among teachers, lecturers, and professors. We provide unparalleled transcriptions for lecturers.

We proficiently transcribe the academic lessons and enable the teaching professionals to easily review their work. It enables them to come up with better ideas in order to enhance the overall quality of the lecture delivered to the students.

Accurate Academic Transcriptions

Accuracy and quality are the top priorities for the professional transcribers at Vanan Services. Whether you are looking for research transcription or academic interview transcription services, we can help. All the transcriptions are done by our 100% human transcribers.

We avoid the use of machine transcription in order to minimize the chances of errors or compromise the quality in any manner. We leave no stones unturned to delight our valuable clients.

We transcribe all academic content proficiently and ensure high accuracy. Our certified transcribers pay attention to every minute detail and guarantee the delivery of accurate transcripts.

All the transcripts are carefully proofread by our experts. We ensure rectifying any error in order to provide flawless services to the clients.

Affordable Academic Transcriptions

At Vanan Services, we provide our transcriptions at affordable rates. Our reasonable pricing makes us a popular choice among the students and professors in educational institutes. Our core aim is to make our services readily available to clients around the globe.

Our transcription price is the lowest in the industry. That is why more clients choose our services over our competitors in the industry. If you are looking for budget-friendly transcription, you can count on Vanan Services.

We believe transparency is vital to ensure the happiness of the clients and establish a long-term relationship with them. So, we do not have any hidden costs. We also offer special discounts on bulk orders.

Quick Academic Transcriptions

We, at Vanan Services, deliver rush and super rush transcriptions. We understand that clients have been on the lookout for urgent transcriptions in recent times. Our professional transcribers are proficient in transcribing content in 24 hours.

We ensure maintaining the quality of our transcripts while delivering fast transcriptions. Our fast turnaround time makes us a popular choice among the clients in the industry. We are available 24/7 in order to answer all queries and deliver transcription solutions to the clients.

Secure Academic Transcriptions

We value the privacy of our clients. We make sure to keep all the transcriptions confidential with an NDA. The audio or video files of the clients are only accessed by our authorized transcribers for transcription purposes.

We take care to prevent any kind of unauthorized access to the files. We leverage encryption technology for optimum protection of the data of the clients.

Why Vanan Services?

✓ Quality Transcripts

We at Vanan Services guarantee the delivery of unmatched quality academic transcripts. Our transcribers are highly experienced and specialize in providing top-quality transcripts.

✓ Quick Service

Our experts focus on saving the valuable time of the clients. We transcribe all types of academic audio and video in much less time.

✓ Custom Transcriptions

We provide custom transcriptions to the clients. We collaborate with them, understand their exact requirements, and deliver transcriptions accordingly.

✓ Accuracy Guaranteed

With Vanan Services, you can rest assured about the accuracy of the transcripts. We provide highly accurate transcripts at affordable prices.



How do you do transcription in qualitative research?

At Vanan Services, we are well-versed in transcribing qualitative research. We accurately transcribe the interviews included in the research work and provide quality services.

In which languages can you offer your services?

We offer our services in more than 100 languages. We support languages like French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Dutch, and more.

How long does it take to transcribe interviews?

We promise a fast turnaround time. However, the time is taken to transcribe the interview will vary. It will depend on factors like the size of the file, the level of complexity, etc.

How much does it cost to transcribe an interview?

We provide interview transcriptions at affordable prices. However, it will depend on the length of the interview and the complexity level.

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