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Podcast transcription services provide a printed document from an audio or video file which is downloadable through the web. People could get relevant information coming from a written transcript done by professionals.

Podcast Transcription Services

A Podcast which is also termed as ‘Netcast’ is an audio file that gives people requiring information about some topic or even some speakers conveying any messages in it. Concerning to the convenience and affordability part, everyone shares a good experience while listening to podcasts. Particularly, businesspersons and the regular travellers are the ones who gain the most out of listening to podcasts.

Podcast Transcription is a way to read audio formats tangibly from an automated digital platform or some professional transcriptionist. There are a few important pointers to know when ordering for the best podcast transcription service.

Ways of Transcribing Podcasts

    Concerning the method of doing a transcription for podcasts, there are 2 ways:

  • AUTOMATED - When you give an online digital medium to transcribe your podcast.
  • MANUAL - When a person does the work according to your needs.

Also, it matters to know about the types of podcast transcription services available as per your need.


    There are some common types of getting a podcast transcription. It includes;

  • Radio podcast transcription
  • Serial podcast transcription
  • Multiple speaker podcast transcription
  • Webcast transcription
  • Netflix podcast transcription
  • Video podcast transcription

Concerning time-sensitivity, there are even more good features on the best podcast transcription services like same-day transcription, hourly transcriptions, quick transcription services, etc.

Podcast transcription services vary majorly in terms of prices - some rate on the duration of audio and some on the number of speakers. Some multilingual companies charge it in cues of the language spoken or used in the podcast. Transcribing podcasts perfectly comes through experience and thus service providers even rate orders based on their skills and expertise.

Thus, have a look into factors like pricing, turnaround, certifications, etc. when your podcast transcription service is done manually.

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