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Yes! Uploaded files are protected through our SSL encryption software against unauthorized access.

We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep clients personal information highly confidential. Also, our system is designed in such a way that client’s files will be deleted automatically within 30 days from the time of order completion.

You can upload the files in our website or upload the files in Dropbox / Google drive / iCloud / any FTP and share the link to us or you can mail the hard copy / drive to our office address.

We take payments upfront since we must pay our transcribers/translator to get the work completed.

Each translator/transcriber has successfully completed an extensive screening process. They have been tested in their specific language pair, through multiple choice tests, free answer tests, and by performing certified translations/transcriptions in a timed environment. They have worked as a professional translator/transcriber for over 5 years.

Services Information

1. Does your organization have court certified transcribers?

At this time we do not work with court certified Transcribers. However, we can perform legal transcription and deliver the document in court certified transcription format.

2. Is your legal transcription accepted in court?

All the legal transcriptions that we provide are accepted by the courts across US.

3. What is the difference between native and non-native transcribers?

Transcription done by a native (U.S.) transcriber would be grammatically superior and ensure greater accuracy than transcriptions done by non-native Transcriber. A native transcriber would have English as their primary language and would understand all social cues and any "slang". Non-native transcribers are fine to use for quick day to day transcripts like that of MOMs, lectures, personal dictations, etc., where total accuracy is not as critical to the outcome of the processed order. Non-Native transcriber knows English as a secondary language and still provides excellent transcription but might not understand the context of the conversation.

4. What are time codes?

Time stamps within a transcript helps to accurately align text with an audio file. Adding these time stamps make it easy for a person to review or listen to a select moment or conversation within an audio file.

5. What is the difference between clean transcription and verbatim transcription?

Verbatim transcription is a word to word transcription where fillers and repeated words are captured. Wherein in clean transcription we will not capture fillers and repeated words.

6. How do you transcribe quickly?

We possess a team of transcribers where we divide the files for raw transcription and then QC will be done by experts to ensure uniqueness in quality.

7. Do you offer transcription services in other languages?

Yes, we do.

1. Are your translations certified?

Yes, all our translations comes with certification as per USCIS standards. They are accepted globally for any legal, academic, government, USCIS, immigration, corporate and non-profit purposes. You might want to check with the Government policies to ensure the compatibility.

2. Does your organization do currency conversions?


3. Do organization do evaluation?

No, we don’t do evaluation.

4. Is it possible to get the certification translated?


5. Is your company affiliated with ATA?

Yes, we are a member of ATA.

6. Is your company affiliated with NAATI?


7. Is your company affiliated with DMV?


8. Is your translation accepted by USCIS?


9. What type of translations does your company do?

We do audio, video, document, website and book translation.

10. Can I fax the document for translation?

Yes you can and the fax number is (347) 923-3283.

1. Will there be charges for revisions?

Yes, charges may vary depending up on number of words that needs revision.

2. Will you be able to sync the voice over to video?

Yes, we do (charges applicable).

3. Will you be able to do lip sync?

We can try to match it but cannot guarantee 100% on lip sync.

4. If provided an audio, will you be able to transcribe/translate and then perform voice over?

Yes, we can transcribe/translate and then perform the voice over.

5. Can you remove original voice in the video and sync the voice over to it?

Yes, that is possible (charges applicable).

6. Does your company have child artists? And are they expensive?

Yes, we do. Child artists are a bit expensive than the adult voice artists. However, we provide a competitive and affordable price.

1. Does your company perform captioning with the specs of Amazon and Netflix?

Yes, we do.

2. Does your company perform captioning /subtitling for a 30 sec to 1 min video spot?

Yes, we do.

3. Will you work according to FCC regulations?

Yes, we do.

4. What is the difference between open and closed captioning

Text embedded permanently to the video is open captioning and text embedded to the video with on/off option is called closed captioning.

5. What is the difference between captioning and subtitling?

Subtitles generally display only what is spoken by a character. They are intended for viewers who are able to hear, but prefer to have the dialogue displayed. Closed captions refer to subtitles for every sound (even falling objects and non-verbal’s), while subtitles refer to spoken words only.

6. Can you embed the text to the YouTube video directly?

Yes, we can.

7. Can you perform roll on captions?


8. What is roll on captions?

These are the captions that scroll up the screen, either from the bottom or the top, one line at a time.

9. What is pop on captions?

Each caption is replaced by a new one such that the text is in sync with the audio.

10. How can I view and edit the caption file?

For viewing captions, you can upload your videos to YouTube including the caption file. Ensure that you are in a private mode settings. For editing captions, there are cutting-edge software like Adobe Premiere CC, Annotation Edit, and Subtitle Edit who can do the job seamlessly.

1. What are the different ways I can contact for Typing Services?

Free Quote: Simply fill out a small form in our free quotes section to get a price estimate for your order immediately. Urgent Call Back: Join us by registering in the urgent call back method and you will get our call instantly. Uploading Files Firsthand: You can attach your files straightforwardly on our UPLOAD page. LIVE CHAT 24/7: You can reach us 24/7 through LIVE CHAT with one of our specialists. Talk to Us: You can equally fill in the form provided in the Contact Us section to consult us directly. Toll-Free Hot-lines: Customers also talk to us via toll-free hot-lines for clients from UK, US or Australia.

2. How do you Typing so quickly?

We have a dynamic network of Certified Transcribers who are relentless 24/7 to muster the most pressing needs. All our transcribers are meticulously sifted on rigorous requirements focusing on skills, entire expertise, responsibility and professional ethics. Accordingly, our bunch of customers enjoys High accurateand breakneck turnaround options with high-level and distinguished transcribers. Contact us now for a free price estimate.

3. What payment methods do you support?

We facilitate the easiest virtual shopping experience. Thus, we relieve you this burden by giving high-end Typing solutions. We provide varying payment means for our broad spectrum of services, Typing and others. You can use PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards, MasterCard and much more.

4. What are your customer support hours?

Our customer and administrative support attends to clients and other needs from our vast network of typist on a 24/7 basis.

5. How much do you charge?

YES. Our premium Typing is topped off with profitable discounts. For extremely large orders, our pricing rates have substantial price deduction. We endorse your trust and reciprocate in reliable services and hot special discounts. Benefit from sweet deals for bulk orders NOW!

6. Do you offer Typing services in other languages?

Your brand will sprawl over the vast global market if you pair it with definitive Typing solutions such as our services. Our Typing in multilingual options covers languages such as French, Italian, Russian, Arabic and much more. In essence, we can transcribe files in all main languages used regionally and globally. UPLOAD your content today and tap into superb transcript pieces.

7. Can you transcribe multi speaker files?

Definitely, we accept all formats consisting of two and even more participants as well as multi-speakers. For instance, we specialize in conferences, calls or interviews. Our outstanding workforce has transcribed chunks of minutes involving multi-speakers internationally. We route 100% verbatim accurate transcripts quickly for the lowest market rates of merely $0.70 per minute, with lowest price quantum depending on many speakers.

8. Can you provide a verbatim Typing that includes filler words?

Yes, we offer accurate Typing that features filler words. Our premium verbatim preserves filler words, stammering and speech errors. Pay a modicum $0.25 per minute and retrieve quote immediately.

9. How do I get started?

Get Typing in fast, easy steps: UPLOAD files on our page and fill out contact info, pay out online and you will get unsurpassed Typing results via email. Confused by anything? Contact our customer support 24/7 via Phone/ LIVE CHAT.

10. What file formats do you accept?

Use our Typing by uploading all major file formats such as MP3, AVI, AIF, M4A and much more. If you are in need of a customized format, our team analyzes your files for more recommendations. You can reach us via phone or LIVE CHAT with a 24/7 customer support for unconditional assistance.

11. Who will transcribe my audio?

We have hand picked numerous experienced transcribers with solid profiles. They are top-notch professionals and top-quality experts. Get ISO 9001:2015 level services, prompt turnaround schedule, and High accurate guaranteed by certified transcribers.

12. What is the turnaround time?

Fast-approaching deadlines require the swiftest turnaround schedule and pre-guaranteed quality. 1 Hour File -24 hours 2 Hours File -2-to-3 working/business days 3 Hours File- 3-to-4 working days 4 Hours File-4to-5 working days Files above 4 hours-contact our customer specialists

13. How do you keep my information secure?

Our patented, confidential and full-proof secure systems are unrivaled. We protect privacy and leave no porous routes to shield customer data and materials. Clients are also shielded by strictly observed non-disclosure clauses.

14. How do you ensure quality?

We have unwavering commitment to satisfying quality demands. Thus, our Typing gives High accurateguarantee because of a thorough quality checking phase in our work-flow process. Final touches on quality are done before file delivery to the client.

1. What are the benefits of using video animation services?

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what a video animation can do. Animations are the best way to captivate the attention of your audience. It can spread your message effectively, rank higher in search engines, and create long lasting impression.

2. Where can I get professional video editing services online?

Our proficient video editors are all professionals who are ready to transform your raw footages into something wonderful. Using the latest technology and modern equipment, we can put enhancements and other corrections to make your videos a refined masterpiece.

3. Why should I get video spokesperson services?

Our video spokesperson services have a proven track record of helping companies achieve their goals. With our explainer video, there is significant increase in conversion, high profits, and brand awareness. Video spokesperson can give your business that much needed boost. Ready to experience our video spokesperson? Request for a Free Quote now.

4. What services do you offer as a video production company?

We are a world-renowned video production company producing compelling visual contents for business, corporate and other projects. Our services include concept development, scriptwriting, video editing, project management, creative personnel and more. To learn more about this service, CHAT with us today.

1. How does our writing service work?

Our simplified three-step order process starts with filling out the order form for a free account, and providing your assignment details. Next, we give you a free price estimate, and you can proceed to pay via our advanced secure system. A best fit writer among our populous directory will be assigned to your project. Await your perfected paper via email or secure mail.

2. What is the format of your custom essay?

Our Write My Essay custom essay packages cater to your made-to-order formatting instructions –simply inform us what you need. For all our essay papers, we use a widely accepted format that's popular in different academic environments. For instance, should you request for the standard double-spaced lines, 12-pt Arial/Times-New Roman font and 1-inch margins for each page of 250 words – we will accordingly comply.

3. What makes our writing service different?

Write My Essay uses ISO 9001:2015 Standards solutions to guarantee amazing results. Our robust, secure payment processing solutions keep your sensitive credentials protected. The same terms and protocols govern our file management solutions. Furthermore, Write My Essay’s collaborative effort delivers unequaled results. Our company cares about your interest and suggests the best writer. We're confident that you'll not regret hiring our best essay writers, or we'll refund your full payment.

4. How to get your service? How does it work?

Using our secure order form, send us your topic and necessary details (specifications, document type, deadline, etc). And, you know what's amazing? We'll give you a no-obligation Write My Essay service FREE QUOTE. Once you’re good to go, pay online securely. Rest assured that we’ll deliver your paper promptly, straight to your email (or as a physic).

5. What payment methods do you support?

We support payment via debit card, credit card, or PayPal. We accept all major credit/debit cards, including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover Card. We accept PO (Purchase Order) by cheque, but with restrictions. Availability depends largely on the order size and is subject to a PO receipt.

6. I need assistance, how do I contact your company?

Call our UK, US, and Australia toll-free HOTLINES 24/7. You may also connect with usthrough LIVE CHAT, or through our flexible CALL BACK request option.

7. When will my essay be done?

Write My Essay complies with deadlines set by our clients. We begin working on your custom essays immediately after you place an order. Some customers order high priority RUSH or SUPER RUSH projects, which we'll prioritize as such. Our Write My Essay team respects your deadlines, and delivers your essays right on time.

8. How will I receive my essay?

Once completed, we'll email or send your official Write My Essay result via secure mail. We give you an opportunity to fully review your paper for 15 days, for any quality issues or concerns you may have. If we failed to deliver what you asked for, we'll revise the paper for free!

9. How long will I have to wait before my work is delivered to me?

You'll get it in no time. We promise and deliver the results right on time for your school, business, or personal deadline. We deliver thoroughly proofread outputs for unique time frame requirements, including STANDARD, RUSH, and SUPER RUSH turnaround times.

10. What if I do not like my essay?

This rarely happens. But in the event that the collaboration is unsuccessful, or your quality concerns are not met after an in-depth revision, we'll return your payment. Please check our reasonable Write My Essay MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE POLICY and guidelines page for details. CONTACT our representative, or CHAT with us 24/7 to voice out your concern.

11. How can I pay for my essay? Is it safe to submit payments through your site?

Write My Essay is ISO 9001:2015 Standards, and is among the safest essay writing networks you'll find online. We use advanced security encryption solutions for payments made to our website. We accept bank-issued debit or credit cards and secure PayPal payments. Our secure payment processing solutions keep clients’ sensitive information sealed and safeguarded.

12. Can I get a discount?

Yes. Write My Essay’s FLEXIBLE DISCOUNTS for custom essay papers are myriad, and may vary as per client’s project and requirement. Simply CALL, use CALL BACK, or CHAT with our customer support agent 24/7 to get more details. Our BULK ORDER SPECIALS are a lucrative savings opportunity. Also check out our LIFETIME, ACCUMULATIVE, and MONTHLY discounts as well as promos.

13. Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. Should you deem our services and products to be faulty with quality issues, we'll mediate the concerns you've made. We’ll give your result an overall revision for free. In the event that the client is still not satisfied, or when amicable terms aren’t reached, we'll reverse your payment. Our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE POLICY page elaborates on the terms.

14. I haven’t received my essay by deadline. What should I do?

This is another very rare event. But in this situation, kindly CONTACT US via our toll-free hotlines for US, UK, or Australia; or you may alert us via our 24/7 CHAT support platform, or CALL BACK option. We'll investigate the problem, and suggest or work on a reasonable solution to this mishap.

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