A whole range of language services are required for audio and video content irrespective of whether the company and its audience are local or international. Commonly required language services across the globe are transcription, translation, captioning, and subtitling.

Here’s more about these services and the link between them. 

The Link Between Transcription, Translation, Captioning & Subtitling Vananservices


Students, researchers, and companies often require the text version of audio and video content like conferences, lectures, meetings, and more for future reference. This process of converting audio to text for future reference and documentation is known as transcription. Native transcribers who are well versed with the language and have the skills to tackle the nuances of noise pollution and varied accents in audio files can transcribe with complete accuracy.

Transcription of videos is also required for people with hearing impairments or difficulty in hearing to help them understand the content in text format. In a bid to avoid miscommunication of the message, it is important to hire accurate transcription services. 


Global companies may require translation of these transcripts into a foreign language for the understanding and reference of their foreign employees, clients, and customers. Translation from one language to the other then comes into the picture.

Translation refers to the translation of content into another language. However, simply translating word by word is not enough. Besides transcripts, a host of other content is translated by agencies around the world.

From vital documents and certificates to handbooks and brochures, there is a huge demand for translation services. All organizations want to maintain an online presence that transcends borders and language barries.

Professional translators are required to understand the complexities involved in different types of translations across different types of content. They also need to retain the meaning in the original audio, video, or text. Native translators ideally can provide accurate translation and localization services.

The Link Between Transcription, Translation, Captioning & Subtitling

Captioning and Subtitling 

 Subtitling and captioning are often used interchangeably. It is important to understand that they are not the same. Captions are written in the language native to the original video. Subtitles, on the other hand, are captions translated into a foreign language.

Films, videos, promotional, and instructional videos that are created for a global audience require subtitling services in various languages to enable different audiences to understand the content contained in the video.

Whether it is a movie, film, video, advertisement, or promotional marketing video, organizations require captioning and subtitling services to make their presence known in wider markets and reach a larger audience.  

Linking All Services 

Globalization has opened doors for students, businesses, and others to expand and grow in foreign countries They would all require language services that include transcription, translation, subtitling, and captioning.

Let’s take a marketing video or film into consideration.

To reach people with hearing impairments or those who would watch a movie on mute with subtitles (like mothers while putting their children to sleep), one has to start with the first step. This is to transcribe the audio track to text format (captioning).

When the same video needs to reach a foreign audience, the captions are translated into subtitles across various languages. So, all the language services are linked.  

However, simply being bilingual is not enough to provide high-quality and accurate language services. The need is for native translators who are linguistic experts that can translate content suitable for people with different cultural backgrounds. Such services are commonly required by: 

  • Legal professionals 
  • Students and researchers 
  • Businesses 
  • Film producers and distributors  
  • Immigrants and more 

As we now understand the need for the best language services, it is recommended to hire the best in the industry. 

Vanan Services provides all these services with 98% accuracy. Their team of native translators and transcribers are experienced experts, providing high-quality services with consistency and timeliness. 

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