If yes, dive deep into this article and find the right alternative career for yourself. Some of the options mean taking a leap while others mean just tip-toeing into another field while still using your knowledge of legal affairs.

Translation & Transcription 

Legal professionals can also pursue a career as translators and transcriptionists. They can translate and transcribe legal documents, papers, court recordings, etc. and assist those looking for transcription & translation services.

Contract Administrator/Court Administrator/Trust Administrator 

By opting to become a court administrator one can fulfill clerical responsibilities that ensure smooth functioning of the court and its schedules, meetings, cases, etc. Similarly, as a contract administrator one will be responsible for the smooth flow of contractual obligations by the parties to the contract. A trust administrator shoulders the responsibility to ensure that the affairs of the trust take place smoothly.

Legal Consultant/Legal Office Administrator 

Your law knowledge can effectively be put to use if you opt to pursue a career as a legal consultant or legal office admin.  As a legal consultant you can advise clients relating to the different complex legal matters. As a legal office administrator, you can assist a law firm in managing the day to day functions like scheduling meetings, ensuring compliance to contracts, etc.

Professor/Legal Publisher 

Knowledge is never wasted and hence, even if you decide to quit practicing law, you can help others with your knowledge. If you have a passion to teach you can pursue a career in teaching or become a legal publisher. You can publish blogs and articles to assist those seeking answers.


If you have good analytical skills then choosing investigation as a profession can be the right choice. This challenging profession will add spark to your existing law skills as it involves speaking to eye witnesses, finding out details of the crime, etc.

Investment consultant 

As an investment consultant you can share advice with individuals and companies on making the right financial decisions, choosing investment portfolios, etc.

Human Resource/Fund Manager 

The key responsibilities of a human resource manager include drafting policies for the employees, ensuring implementation of the policies and programs, etc. Being a fund manager means looking after the funds of a company, making analytical findings, etc. to improve the finances.


If being a full time lawyer is not your cup of tea you can pursue a career in the paralegal field and assist lawyers in their legal services. You can use your law knowledge to carry out legal and factual research, drafting files, and legal documents, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned professions, one can also opt for pursuing a career being a compliance officer, law librarian, labor relations specialist, insolvency professionals, arbitrators, private equity associate, political campaign manager, litigation support professionals, public policy analyst, risk manager, etc.

Any career that you choose, it is essential to enjoy your profession and make a positive contribution towards the society with your knowledge.


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