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Are you an American craving an international vacation to take a break from the daily grind but both money and time are the constraints? Well, if this is your situation like most other Americans, then read more to know about how you can have a great vacation without straining your bank account. Most people underestimate how inexpensive it is to travel to another country for their dream vacation.

The next obvious hurdle is the time associated with visa processing. The lengthy process and other hassles often discourage people to cross borders for a great experience. The good news is that it is not always necessary to go through the visa hassles.

Americans can visit 185 countries and territories without a visa!!! Take a look at some of the close by destinations that you can travel to in less than $1000 in your kitty.

Affordable and Quick Travel Destinations for Americans

Well, here’s the list of countries. 


Mexico is the ideal place for a fun-filled beach vacation along with a culturally rich experience. It is easily accessible to people living in California and other southern states. Mexico City, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo are great destinations for travel. They promise fun and enjoyment at wallet-friendly prices. 

Aerial shot of the cathedral in zacatecas mexico under a blue sky at daytime
An aerial shot of the cathedral in Zacatecas Mexico under a blue sky at daytime


It is an excellent yet affordable destination. Driving through and flying are both cost-effective options. Montreal and Quebec are the perfect places to travel to. The food is excellent, the music is great, and is one of the most affordable places in North America. These cities give a chance to explore the French-Canadian heritage. 

Toronto city skyline, ontario, canada


The name would probably puzzle Americans as an expensive destination in Europe. However, a low-cost airline with its base in Boston provides inexpensive tickets. Moreover, with a little diligence, stay and entertainment easily falls within the budget. For instance: Eating and drinking could be expensive. So, cutting down on a pint or so would help to avoid burdening the pocket.



 From times immemorial South East Asian countries have enticed American and Canadian travellers to enjoy a vacation at highly affordable prices. One of them is Taiwan, which was a part of the Democratic Republic of China and makes for a great tourist destination. Its struggle with China and the eventual separation have inhibited its growth. 

After claiming its sovereignty, countries are not very keen on trading with Taiwan. However, tourism has grown by leaps and bounds. Taiwan is enticing tourists with its inexpensive prices. The price of the vacation primarily includes the flight fare, as Taiwan has no control over the prices charged by the airlines in the countries that tourists come from. Everything else is inexpensive. 

Kaohsiung City is a special municipality in southern Taiwan


 It is one of the better islands among the most sought-after tourist destinations of the world, the Caribbean islands. Although it is not as inexpensive as the other island countries, it is cost-effective for people living in the US, especially for those who live in the Southern half of the country. 

It is accessible and flight fares are affordable for them. The stay could be expensive. However, it can be tailored to fit the pocket because maximum time is spent on the beach.    

Aruba is one of the four countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands,


Brazil is another super attractive and nearby destination for Americans. An American passport holder does not need a visa to travel to Brazil. If you are planning to explore Brazil on a budget, it could be an extremely rewarding holiday. Average estimated cost per day would be USD 20 per person. 

An approximate cost of USD 645 can be estimated including flights, stay, food and other expenses for a week. 

Brazilian beach of Balneário Camboriú, Central Beach


 It may not sound like the ideal destination for a vacation. Well, this small country in the Northern region of South America is inexpensive and interesting. Mount Roraima, Kaieteur Falls, and Iwokrama Forests are attractive destinations to explore and trek. 

Those that are not much into trekking can enjoy multiple things in Georgetown. The only expense for this trip is the flight fare. Everything else is cheap, as well as fun-filled. 


For people traveling from the east coast of the US or Canada, traveling to Iceland is cheap. Food is affordable, and the top attractions are not yet buzzing with tourists. It is the perfect place for a great vacation at a cost-effective price. 

Young man doing the glacier trekking in iceland

So, unlike the popular misconception, a host of destinations can be added to your list of international vacations without breaking the bank account.

So, make a quick decision and give shape to your travel plans. 


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