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Voice Captioning is a method used for reporting, closed captioning.

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Voice Captioning Services

Voice Captioning Company enjoy very high accuracy rates, based upon pure physiology. The route taken by a person's words goes from the speakers’s mouth, to the reporter's ear, brain, and "inner" voice. This form of repetition is naturally effortless; it's what we all do in our daily conversation as we listen to a person speak or when we read a book. So the most natural extension of this process is to psychologically switch the repetition mechanism from "inner voice" to the physiological "spoken voice."

The online voice captioning may complement regular closed captioning that is visually complete, as well as extremely concise, while operating іn real-time (or very close to that, wіth typical auditory description latencies of less than one second). Moreover, it does not require any technical changes to the video source, the studio or the transmission channel, and it functions in situations where no regular closed captions are available. Visit our Voice Captioning services for our best voice captioning rates you can not afford to miss.

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