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What is Manual Transcription?

Manual transcription is when humans transfer audios or videos into text. Manual transcribing is done by transcriptionists or Transcribers. Here, the individuals create the transcripts and we have highly trained and expert transcribers working for us.

Why Manual Transcription?

1. Our transcriptionists are well trained, experienced and expert in creating transcripts. They have the skills to convert the audio into text without losing the essence of the original file. They are skilled enough to type right, decipher in proper manner, review content and polish it wherever needed.

2. The chances of mistakes are minimal with our human transcriptionists. They have good typing skills, no spelling mistakes, they understand slang, colloquialisms and accent, so no contextual errors. We also have multi-level quality check procedure to ensure 98% accuracy and quality of the content.

3. Our transcribers have access to all the required transcription tools, so that they can easily work on poor quality audios as well. They are also able to understand fast switching of speakers in an audio or video, and thus can transcribe it accurately. The failure rate due to fast switching is 0% with our human transcriptionists.

4. At Vanan Services, the transcriptionists understand the audio well and thus they do proper paragraphing, structuring right sentences with punctuation, when needed.

What is Automated Transcription?

When a machine transcribes audio into text, it is called automated transcription. No human participation is needed. Automated transcription process uses software for transcription. The speech recognition is used for analyzing the speech and then it is being converted to text.

Why Automated Transcription?

1. In case of urgent and quick requirements, our automated transcription service is something that can help you out. The automated transcription is fast and good for rush and super rush needs.

2. Automated transcription work is cheap. As, no human is involved and only a machine is going to work, the prices are generally low. Also, the quality and accuracy received is worth the value only.

3. Our automation transcription service is very safe and secure. Only a machine is going to deal with the data, no person or software is included in the process. Thus, there is no chance of any threat to the content given by the customer.

Manual Transcription vs Automated Transcription

Factors to Consider:
Turnaround Time:

The turnaround time is the first factor to consider here. We all know that the time taken by a human, for doing any work, will always be more than the time taken by a machine. The turnaround time with the manual transcription is more because a human is listening to your audio and then is typing it down. On the other hand, in automated transcription, the turnaround time is less because a software is being used.


Because the time and quality are less, in case of automated transcription, the prices are also less. Meanwhile, for manual transcription, the prices are high because a lot of human effort and time is involved. The transcript also must go through a multi-level quality check procedure, to maintain high quality and great accuracy.


The possibility of rework is more with automated transcription because machines don’t understand slang and accent. Thus, it can make contextual mistakes that might need rework. For manual transcription, very less or no rework is required because chances of mistakes are less.

Make Your Choice:

Vanan Services offer both manual and automated transcription services. Being a customer, you must choose what fits your needs perfectly. We offer excellent quality in both of our transcription services. Our transcribers are skilled to offer great transcripts. We use advanced technology software for automated transcription. Both are good in their own ways. Choose wisely.


Why manual transcription is better?

Manual transcription is better in terms of – excellent accuracy, high quality, fewer mistakes, less rework, expert transcriptionists, etc.

Is it recommended to use automated transcription for large files?

You can use it for large volume files, but it is not recommended since the amount of rework will increase.

Automated transcription is recommended for which industries?

Industries like Media, Journalism, Research, Customer Care, Medical, Businesses, etc. where quick and urgent transcription needs often appear, are more likely to use automated transcription.

For more accurate results, I should go with manual transcription or automated transcription?

Without any doubt, you will get more accurate results from manual transcription. The accuracy for manual transcription is 98% whereas for automated transcription it is 70% only.

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