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French Transcription Services

Care must be taken into account in French transcription since the dialect is spoken differently in different regions of the country. The transcriptionist should be a native speaker living in his country who is accustomed to cultural nuances and jargons.

Online French Transcription Services for High Valuable Business

Parlez-vous ou lisez-vous le français? Vanan Services has over the years, expanded its list of certified transcription services to include French. We’re well equipped to take your audio recordings of conversations or interviews in the French language and professionally produce French language text document files, giving you the freedom of skipping the strenuous step of listening, writing or typing, rewinding… and moving on to crafting whatever end product you have in mind, be it a presentation, report, or even a website.

Generally, the French language is the 18th most spoken language in the world, judged by the number of native French speakers. There are over 74 million native French speakers, outlining the importance of transcriptions into the French language. French, a very romantic language which originated from Latin and is the officially spoken language of 29 countries. It is also notably the official language of France and is the 3rd most spoken language in Europe after English and German.

With the rapid growth in multiculturalism and bilingualism, messages are today passed in audio and video forms that requires the French video transcription services, French audio transcription services, using several existing languages worldwide. With French being one of the most popular languages, we’ve made it a major priority to offer accurate and affordable French transcription services, for better understanding of subject matters by non-French speakers.

Why are our French Transcription Services Unique?

With our French Transcription Services which are second to none in the industry, we guarantee our clients nothing less than perfection. We boast of the expert ability of adding time stamps or time codes, tracking multiple speakers in video and audio files, or providing verbatim transcription. As a professional transcription company, also follow the ISO 9001:2015 certified standards, we work with more than 100 language combinations in a bid to provide consistent, efficient and accurate top-quality French audio transcription services and French video transcription services to our clients.

With our wealth of experience amassed over the years and skills, we strive to bring together state of the art technology and professional native transcriptionists with superb verbal, spelling, grammar, and comprehension skills. Request a free quote from us or place your orders and experience the industry’s standard French Transcription Services from us. We are also the experts in providing the academic transcription services in French.

Our Affordable French Transcription Services

We have very flexible and friendly pricing policies, carefully designed to meet the French transcription services need of different kinds of people or businesses. Our pricing is pretty simple. Generally, our French Transcription rates are usually calculated per minute for French audio transcription services and French video transcription services, strictly void of any unnecessary add-on charges.

You can basically get started today by placing your order for efficient French transcription services or contact us for a free quote. Your project will be assigned to one of our friendly Account Managers and… ‘voilà’! A polished transcript will be returned to you, just the way you want. Feel free to give us a call or contact us for a free quote for more information on our French transcription Services today!

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