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Fashion is considered a global language, but besides being one, it requires a professional translation service provider to support it with great quality translations. The first thing that comes to the mind of many people after hearing the word fashion is models doing catwalk on ramps in a fashion show either in Milan, Paris, or New York. But this industry has grown out of these regions now.

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The majority of global growth and sales are coming from emerging markets. The expectations are that by the end of the year 2025, the sales from the emerging markets will be somewhere around 55%. Another important aspect here is people are not only buying apparels from their birth country but are also traveling often to foreign countries and are buying emerging markets of different countries.

The fashion industry produces more than 3 trillion dollars a year and is expanding and growing on a large scale. No fashion product or apparel is limited to its country of origin. It is made to be expanded throughout the planet to let other nations and cultures buy it. Maximum of the fashion emerging markets prefer going to countries like China, Brazil, India, and Russia.

Fashion Translation Services

The reasons for reaching out to these countries is high population and thus high demand, but one thing that people of the above mentioned companies lack is English proficiency. The number of English speakers in Brazil is less than 5%, in Russia, it’s around 5.5%, in China the number of English speakers is less than 1% and around 10% in India.

This has increased the demand for professional fashion translation services. The fashion translation services offered by Vanan Services are all ready to help you spread your fashion business..

Accurate Fashion Retailing Translation Services

Vanan Services is known for offering the best professional fashion translation services in the entire world. Accuracy is the most important thing when it comes to translation and the same is true for fashion retailing translation services as well.

It is highly vital to have an accurate translation for retailing your fashion brand products in other nations. An Italian fashion brand looking to serve Chinese people in the country of China will have to translate the retailing content along with a lot more different kinds of content from Italian to Chinese. This will give the brand a local feel and is also important for attracting the targeted Chinese audience.

Now, in case, if the content is not translated accurately, it might not only end up decreasing the sales but is also going to damage the brand value/ brand image. It will communicate the wrong message to the targeted audience and hence a wrong image is also presented.

Fashion Ecommerce Translation Services

The fashion industry is growing at a great pace and one platform that is playing a vital role in the same is the digital market. Online platforms like e-commerce websites, social media sites, and online applications are important for the fashion industry.

The translation of these e-commerce websites and applications are also important for communicating proper messages. As digital platforms are the best and the most convenient way of shopping these days. Hence the translation of e-commerce websites and applications is extremely vital.

Being the highly used way for searching, finding, and buying fashion stuff, e-commerce websites and applications need to be localized as per their region of operation. For example, you must have seen the fashion apps asking for selecting the language as per your preference. This helps the customer search for the product in their local language and also lets them understand the details like material, cost, and other related content in the language they are familiar too.

Vanan Services is not alone assisting fashion brands in translating their website or application content but also has textile manufacturing translation services. These services are needed by the fashion industry at a very basic level where the textile or the material is being manufactured. If a brand has its manufacturing unit in some other nation, it becomes important for them to translate all the manufacturing content for the ease of understanding of the workers.

Documents Under Professional Fashion Translation Services

Right from covering the store details to advertising, from digital marketing to production, and a lot more departments are a part of professional fashion translation services. The huge number of documents that we cover under this are as mentioned below:

Catalogs, Booklets, Software, Internal Documents, Manuals, Training Documents, Presentations, Store Signs, Online Stores, Website, Image Alt Text, Metadata, Blog Posts, Local SEO, Keywords, Online Catalogs, Magazine Articles, Store Promotions, Banners, Social Media Posts, Images, Adwords Campaigns, Ad Banners, Affiliate Marketing Content, Internet Ads, Advertising, Billboards, Posters, Expos, Videos, Web Pages, Mobile Applications, Advertising Audios, Size Guides, Commercials, Fashion Designer Profiles, Biographies, POS Material, Live Events, Fashion Show Videos & Articles, and a lot more.

Why Vanan Services?

Vanan Services is a brand known internationally for being highly accurate, offering extremely good quality translation outputs, and for providing secure and fast translation services. All this is applicable to their professional fashion translation services as well which makes us the best choice for your fashion brand.

We have certified translators working on your projects along with fashion industry experts to achieve the maximum possible accuracy. As our team of professionals includes experienced translators, the time taken by them is really low and hence we are able to deliver translation projects in the shortest time span in the industry.

Customer satisfaction is always our priority and we keep up to that by offering customized fashion translation services to our clients. We also take the security of customer data very carefully and hence provide our clients with NDA agreements to ensure safety, security, and confidentiality. No third party involvement is also a remarkable feature of ours.

We support translation in more than 100 languages and you can ask us for any language combination as per your needs. You can connect with our 24*7 working customer support executives for discussing your projects, availing free quotes & trials, and for getting estimates on time and rates. By the way, we are also one of the cheap rated fashion translation service providers in the industry.


What are the languages supported by you?

We translate in more than 100 languages that include: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Romanian, Tagalog, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, and a lot more.

What are the rates charged for professional fashion translation services?

The prices charged by us are not fixed. They change with the difference in the projects. The major factors affecting the rates are: project size, project requirements, language combination, complexity included, additional services, etc.

How can I connect with you for hiring fashion translation services?

You can directly connect to our 24*7 working customer support either via online chat or over a phone call. They will guide you with every answer related to our translation services.

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