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Be it for educating students in a different language that they understand or creating a detailed documentation about a dental company’s products, dental translation services play a crucial role. The translated documents help in improving the communication and understanding between B2B or B2C.

Over the years, the dental industry has seen a lot of upgrades in terms of education, clinical approaches, product research and development, and others. However, when it comes to providing services to different communities or countries, due to varied languages and dialects, the businesses and dental institutions are facing several difficulties.

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That’s where our dental document translation services come to the rescue. Vanan Services has gained over a decade of experience in the translation works which is why your documents and research papers will be safe with us. We never compromise with the quality and confidentiality.

Why choose dental translation services offered by Vanan Services?

We understand the dilemma you are facing currently regarding our dental translation services. Hence, we are giving you a first-hand experience of what’s so special about us and what sets us apart from other translation firms.

  • We have certified professionals who have completed expert level courses in different language translation works.
  • Since there are several languages spoken around the world, we have different teams based on their native language expertise.
  • We make sure that the projects are delivered on time without any delay and we do not compromise the quality of our services just to avoid missing deadlines.
  • Our dental translation works can be availed easily at affordable prices compared to our competitors.
  • At Vanan Services, you can easily avail our online translation services without having to deal with any hassle.

Types of dental document translation services at Vanan

Dental academic document translations

Sometimes, educational research papers and assignments need to be submitted in a language you aren’t familiar with. Under such conditions, not only will your grades decrease but also you will find difficulties in understanding the academic notes and lectures. This is why we provide the best dental translation services to both university students and teachers of various dental institutions.

Reports and prescription translations

We also make sure to help out the doctors and patients in inferring what’s being written in the prescriptions and reports. With our translations, you can easily understand your medical condition and the suggestions prescribed by your doctor who speaks another language.

Dental equipment manual translations

In addition, we also provide certified dental equipment translation services. Be it the prosthesis companies or the dental surgery equipment & device manufacturers or dental tools manufacturers, we make sure that the documents related to all the dental equipment units and tools are 100% accurate.

Dental marketing translations

Also, we translate websites, apps, brochures, catalogs, etc, required for dental marketing purposes

Reliable & certified dental equipment translation services

If your business deals with research, development and manufacturing of different dental equipment, our fast and affordable translation services will help you in producing catalogs in different languages as per the requirement. We also translate equipment research and development papers, analytical studies, manuals, and other such documents. Most of the dental equipment manufacturers aim at international sales and language must not be a barrier.

Therefore, get in touch with us for all translation needs.


1. Can a dental audio be translated from Spanish to English?

Yes, an audio related to dental matters that is spoken in Spanish can be translated into English language, provided the transcription works are done beforehand.

2. What is the average cost of dental translation services?

At Vanan Services, the average price for dental translation will depend on several factors, including the length of the document, subject matter complexity, the languages, and many more.

3. Why do I need dental translation for my clinic?

If you own a dental clinic, you need to avail the translation services to make sure that the prescriptions, reports and marketing materials can be generated in a language your patients or clients understand.

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