The Most Preferred Vendors to Make Money from At-Home Transcription Jobs

If you’ve ever googled “how to make money from home” or “how to earn money online” you would have a vivid image of people’s desire-the urge to earn extra income from the comfort of their living rooms. And the motives behind it is logical. Most search results offer a barrage of information: from starting an e-commerce website, providing online services, creating a blog and more. The list can never be exhausted.

All thanks to technological breakthroughs making our world smaller and smarter. It’s easier than ever to get hired without physical interactions-work-at-home jobs is the new cool. Recent studies have shown companies prefer hiring people remotely-it’s a cheaper strategy and smarter decision in hiring professionals from a global pool of talents.

That said, the subject matter here’s: at-home transcription jobs-identifying credible vendors and getting hired hopefully. Getting paid from home legitimately is usually gratifying than expected. The writer is a perfect case in point of the discussion.

At-Home Transcription Jobs

Unless you’re are a moneybag or some rich kid, you must have had thoughts of having a side hustle. At some point, you probably needed more steady income for your spiraling bills. I’m sure transcription jobs are one of the suggestions that evolved after a search. It’s somewhat easy to start; after all, it’s typing directly from dictation or audio file to text. However, it’s not free money as suggested by some quarters.

Transcription jobs don’t require being geeky but tenacity. Willingness to learn and develop one’s communication skills-most importantly listening and intuitive thinking. Most transcription jobs are done remotely, making it top-ranking at-home jobs worldwide.

You can land a high-paying job in a few hours, provided you have what it takes. And sometimes, the story could differ to what we want.

The bigger challenge for newbie transcriptionist or wannabes is getting the attention of highly-ranked vendors. Vendors are transcription companies that hire professional and potential transcriptionist on contractual terms. They get paid to do random jobs at an agreed price.

Certainly, every thoughtful transcriptionist wants to work with the best vendors-the most preferred. It’s bigger pay and broader attention for anyone seeking to make it a long-term profession.

So, if you desired to make a few bucks or lifelong side hustle as a remote transcriptionist working from the comfort of your home; a highlight of most preferred vendors would guide your choice and narrow the focus.

It’s a fact not every transcription vendors deserves your time; jobbers and cheats are now posing as vendors.

A knowledge of most preferred vendors would guide your decision on who deserves your time and commitment.  It’s agonizing when working-at-home transcription jobs are unrewarding and depressing just because you are working for the wrong folks.

Below are the most preferred vendors in the business you should consider for at-home transcription jobs. The position of each vendor in the blog isn’t a reflection of their rankings nor capacity but a random numbering from the writer and


One of the foremost vendors in transcription services is-Scribie. Based on public reviews, Scribie seems to be a great place for transcriptionists. You’re required to apply if you’re a perfect match for the requirements followed by a test. They pay up $5 to $25 per audio hour and bonuses every 3hours completed each month.

You need a verified PayPal account for payment, a computer, and a good comprehension of English. The good news here’s you can work anywhere in the world. Here’s the link for a trial:

Vanan Services:

If you’re seeking a vendor that works with your terms and rules, Vanan is a preferred choice.   They’ve been around for a while offering wide-ranging professional services. To know about what Vanan pay transcriptionists, unfortunately, you need to apply. During application, you’re required to provide all requested information from your name, nationality to your desired pay/hour.

You can fill their employment using the link:

Vanan is a renowned buzzing vendor, so if you ever get a call from the team don’t waste the opportunity.  Lest I forget, payment is via PayPal.

Birch Creek Communication:

Birch is a US-based vendor in Montana formerly Clark Fork Communications. Fanciful names you say, me too. They hire work-at-home corporate and legal transcriptionists, researchers, and editors to perform transcriptionist.

They hire professionals from the United States, and you’re required to provide all equipment or software for each job. The company pays between $.75 to $1.75 per page for legal transcription, and $.40 to $1 per audio minute, depending on the client.

To apply for a job, you need to send a mail with your resume for consideration for work-at-home employment. Sadly, we don’t have information about their payment procedure.


Tigerfish has been around since 1989 according to It’s famous for the volume of work-at-home jobs offers available to seeking transcriptionists globally. The team provides different types of transcription work, including law enforcement, focus groups, and interviews for clients.

It’s a starting point for anyone prior knowledge on transcription because your experience doesn’t deter you from landing a job. For reasons known to them, Tigerfish doesn’t list their pay publicly for all to see. If you have the information, please drop it in the comment box for all.

However, they only hire people residing in the United States.

You can do a follow-up on the website:

Transcribe Me:

Happily, Transcribe Me has a pleasing, colorful website compared to others except for Vanan Services that’s colorful and pleasant.

Based on information provided on their website: Transcribe pays $15-$22 per audio hour which is the highest so far compared to rates paid by other vendors that publicly states their rates. That’s motivating you say. And if you’re specialized in Medical and Legal transcriptions, the pay is expected to rise above that figure.

Transcribe Me offers regular payments, steady work stream, and training. Thankfully, prior experience isn’t a criterion for job opportunities. Anyone can apply, but we’ve no information on location choices.

Start your work-at-home career here with the Team.

Take Away

The list of transcription vendors can never be exhausted in a single blog post. We have tons of transcription companies around globally with their specialties. Some are more interested in medical and legal transcription while many believe they can handle more so far the client will pay.

Not all transcription companies deliver all that was promised before employment. Of course, it’s a breach in contract. However, things could get out-of-hand for the team and not necessarily share wickedness when they default.

Work-at-home transcription jobs are real. Hundreds globally have made fortunes transcribing for vendors. Many teams became preferred vendor because of their role, technological application, seamless, secure process, and fantastic reviews.

The truth is, no top vendor will offer you a job without an assessment or some test to confirm your abilities and identity. Prefer vendors don’t make empty promises nor ridiculous payment rates for anyone. There are fake vendors out there using their platform to steal credit card details for innocent job seekers.

Those are the top-five we believe are worth your effort; however, it’s never final. Do you think we missed a top vendor we should add? Kindly add yours in the comment box. 

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