Closed Captioning can add value to your videos – Here’s how

Closed captions have been getting more attention in the past few years. Many video platforms, popularly YouTube, recommends using subtitles or Closed captioning for reaching more audience. Still, only a handful of the channels use closed captions as a marketing strategy. If you are in outs, it is never too late to get started with closed captioning videos

Closed captioning is like subtitles, but they have more underlying benefits that are rarely talked about. Before we get started, let us discuss what is closed captioning and why it is different from subtitles.

What are closed captions?

Recently, all social media platforms are putting more emphasis on engaging videos. With growing video content, it is important to increase its accessibility and making the content available to all the audience without excluding anyone.  Closed captioning and subtitling options enable users from different parts of the world to understand and enjoy the video without facing any limitations.

Unlike subtitles, closed captioning need not appear in the whole length of the video. It can be easily turned on/off without misplacing the audio to text. It is very favorable for those with hearing impairments and language difficulty. Also, it can be directly translated from one language to another without using any external resources. Apart from the general benefits, it has some huge benefits to those who closed caption videos.

How to gain more benefits from Closed Captioning?

Boosts your SEO

Using closed captioning for your videos will easily index your video content over those that didn’t offer to captions for their videos. Closed captions have huge SEO benefits other than getting more views for a video.

  • Rank for Keywords: Since bots cannot watch the video, it will understand the content from the transcripts of the video. It will directly index the video in search results for relevant keywords.
  • Link Building: You can use your videos to redirect to your webpage. It will pass-on the keyword relevance to the website it is from. You can use the videos within your web pages and blogs which will create a bridge between contents
  • Industry- relevance: Videos with Captions are considered more relevant and professional in some industries. Users will factor in the credibility of the video content using captions. Generate unique visitors through YouTube channels.

YouTube offers automated-closed captioning for its videos which can be used while uploading a video. Due to its inaccuracy, one must either use a professional closed captioning service or proofread the auto-generated transcript.

Legal Compliance

Use of closed captions will protect you from being legally sued. Without captions, those who are deaf or suffer from the partial hearing can not access the content. It is major discrimination factors as there are millions of people in the US who have hearing problems. If you are dealing with business or educational sectors, you are neglecting almost 60% of participants with hearing loss.

Even major institutions have faced lawsuits in the past for using automated captions. Educational content and industry-specific videos may have certain jargon words that cannot be accurately transcribed by a machine. At times like this, it is recommended to use a professional closed captioning service for highly accurate transcripts.

Increase your viewership

Last but not least, closed captioning your videos will increase more views and engagement. Captions not only help those with hearing impairments but makes the video accessible to a wider audience.

  • It enables viewers to watch your video even in sound-sensitive environments.
  • Even non-native speakers use captions to understand difficult pronunciations and accents.
  • Social media boosts videos with closed captions as it has more engagement than any other videos.
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