Voice recognition software is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing technologies of the present times. After all, who would have ever thought that someday there will be machines that can turn your words into written text! Though there is no denying how fantastic the invention is, it is also true that we are yet to reach a stage where freely interacting and conversing with the computer is a possibility.
Though speech recognition software is a step in the correct direction, it is still not entirely accurate. Thus, if you are planning to transcribe your presentations and documents, wait for a while and go through the following pros and cons of the technology.


– Talking is way faster than typing

Voice commands offer a far more effective tool than typing down the texts. Technological advancements have brought forth modern voice recognition software that helps in boosting efficiency and convenience. The modern counterparts are significantly more accurate and faster in producing text than anyone typing on the keyboard.
Integration of technology like the kind offered by voice solutions helps businesses streamline documentation and reduce the hassle of typing and other such admin tasks. It lets professionals focus on a more rewarding and challenging aspect of the job.

– The evolution of voice user interface

The constantly evolving voice user interface has come a long way from the older software that companies once used for customer service centers. Back in the day, the old school automated services did not have the ability to understand or respond to voice activation. Nowadays, businesses use more advanced voice recognition software that even makes interactions with robots feel like human conversations.
The addition of deep learning enables the software to understand more diverse and complicated word responses. The manufacturers are going an extra mile to offer such voice user interface devices that can cater to a greater scope of needs.


– The problem of frequent pauses

Frequent pauses can demotivate you, keeping in mind that the aim was to write faster than one normally would. Changes in speech clarity and voice tone can lead to glitches, and same would be the case with unrecognized acronyms and words.
You should also be prepared for greater delays than manual transcription as the software will stumble on the new words that are unfamiliar to it. There is a simple reason behind this: the industry-specific vocabularies are constantly getting innovated with new technologies and it is not possible for a machine to know it all, unless regular research is done and they are constantly updated. And this is a difficult and time-consuming task.

– Setting up and training needs a lot of time

Setting up and training can be time-consuming, even if you feel that you can be up and running in just a matter of minutes after the installation. The reality of recording voice commands is anything but simple.
Capturing your inflection and tone precisely takes a major chunk of time. Even the most advanced software will pause at a few sentences and try to figure out precisely what is being said. Thus, you need patience and clear enunciation to find your way around a voice recognition software .

The End Line

Voice recognition is undoubtedly an advanced technology that has been making rapid strides in terms of its development. And there will definitely come a day when the disadvantages mentioned above will not be an issue anymore. But that day is yet to come, and for now, the software is not wholly reliable. Hence, it is best to opt for a transcription service provider, such as Vanan Services, that will use a combination of both humans and bots, guaranteeing error-free transcriptions.


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