Hidden Secrets of Transcriptionists Who Actually Made a Fortune

If you’ve bought into the myth that transcriptionists are a bunch of paupers, think again. Or perhaps, you’ve never considered transcribing a decent job that could earn anyone a lifetime fortune-the joke is on you.

Being a successful transcriber with more than a decade of experience, I have a lot to say on the subject matter. Been a part of thriving transcription companies and teams; I’ve witnessed these success stories and landmark moments first-hand.

Transcription isn’t for the fainthearted. It’s drilling and challenging specialist function requiring specific skill sets and the ability to multitask.

So, if there’s anyone out there misrepresenting transcriptionists as a group of jobbers making a few bucks by doing little-you’ve been misled. I’d suggest you sit tight and stay focus-the secrets will be divulged paragraph after paragraph.

In this piece, I’ll spill out hidden secrets of transcribers with humble beginnings but have made money while serving their clientele. These hidden secrets are crucial factors in having a successful career. Mastering these secrets will help increase your value and earning potential as a professional transcriptionist. And if you’re a newbie, the industry is waiting for you to conquer.

That said, successful transcriptionists have common skill sets, in fact, they are numerous. Chief amongst them is- fast and accurate typing. Though it’s little, it’s an indicator of how much you can offer as a professional.

Let’s learn the hidden secrets they used in making a fortune for themselves.

Secret #1: They are Influential Marketers

It takes a lot to become a knowledgeable professional transcriber; however, all those efforts are useless if not marketed. People get frustrated and raise questions about the profitability of starting a career in transcription. They’ve dotted the T’s and dotted the I’s; still, nothing have changed. The fortune publicized isn’t forthcoming, and the exit door is the option left. Here’s the secret-they are savvy marketers.

Transcribers that made a fortune went out and spread the word about their services an

d skills. They used online and offline channels to market their services often targeted at a niche. It involves the use of social media, building your portfolio on an attractive website, SEO optimization, LinkedIn profile, applying to recruiting transcription companies and a lot more.

The more you market your skills, the better for your exposure to potential clients. Of course, more clienteles means more earning potential.

Marketing is not a hidden secret per say-it’s an open strategy many overlooks.  Thinking all is well since you have skillset and character required to succeed is fatal. Think again and again.

Determined to make a fortune in transcription services? If yes, seize all avenue to market yourself and make it appealing.

 Secret #2: They undergo Robust Training 

The widespread impression that anyone can kick-start transcription service is understandable. This is traceable to notions created by tons of websites acting as hiring companies. According to their requirements, all you have to do is create an account, fill forms and off you go! That’s not the whole truth. Peradventure you were able to land a piece of work luckily-it’s would be disastrous without any training.

No one can make a fortune without proper training.

Also, there are required basic and complex skills you should possess that would help much. Ability to type fast and accurately-effective listening –command over language-software learning, and a lot more.

Here’s just a handful of basic skills required of anyone desired to make a fortune in transcription.

  • Command over language: Excellent use of punctuations, em dash, grammar, and technical jargons.
  • Text formatting to clients’ request and need.
  • Ability to research and apply information for diverse industries.
  • Detecting poor section in audio files

Undertaking training proofs, you’re taking the time to learn and later earn massively. As they say, only fools rush in: garbage in, garbage out. Excellent transcriptionists get hired again and again because they’ve been verified to deliver topnotch.

You will prove your worth and earn!

Secret #3: They are Effective Listeners and Good Guessers

Of all the skills you’ve been encouraged to improve on, listening and guessing right is pivotal to making a fortune. A poor listener would have a short discouraging transcribing career. The art of the job is the accurate conversion of audios into text with effective listening and good guessing of the speaker’s intention.

Irrespective of the quality of an audio file, it’s never an excuse to deliver a sloppy job to make a few bucks. A transcriptionist that makes a good hire must be a great listener and not a hasty communicator. Building a useful listenership skill indicates you won’t miss a word during conversion.

Transcriptionists who made a fortune might be disinterested in the subject sometimes-but it’s hard they reduce their attention and focus. Regardless of the subject matter, speaker, political or social views, effective listening is vital.

Secret #4: They go all-out on High-Paying Jobs 

Higher-paying jobs don’t fall on the laps of those that made cool money in the industry-carving your niche and gig is part of the business. Many people stick to the comfort zone-restricting themselves to transcription companies. If these companies pay peanuts, they end up frustrated. A big company isn’t big pay most times. It’s a fact!

So, how come a few are cashing big when some are earning peanuts. The answer is simple: they did extensive research.

The internet has removed obstacles inhibiting communication for decades. Now there’s more content out there than ever before in our digital world. It means lots of transcription work are out there beyond the capacity of these companies. Once you’ve got the skills and self-confidence to seek it out, your fortune is forthcoming.

Setting your sails will unlock juicier opportunities than any company could offer. Most successful professionals were bold enough to face their fears and chart their course. Otherwise, the poor enumeration from the bigger companies will limit your earning potentials –so much so, you’ll most likely quit.

Seeking and getting high-paying jobs isn’t a walk in the park I agree-but the pay elsewhere could be worth the stress.

Professionals seeking bigger pays never limited themselves to companies that hire every dick and harry for more profits.

Starting a freelancing career is highly rewarding, but it’s not easy money. Expand your horizon beyond companies dashing out peanuts.

Secret #5: Your Secret(s)

Yea. That isn’t a misread nor typo.  Last on the list is your secret-secrets that kept the fire burning. The chances of you earning the same amount the transcriptionist next door grossed is quite low. Our journey is never the same.

No matter what, everyone won’t face the same challenges at the same time. It’s almost impossible. So, looking within and seeking solutions or answers to your peculiar problems requires your instinct.

Every career is peculiar with its challenges and happy moments. General formulas will fail sometimes, but your instincts will guide you appropriately.  However, your knowledgeability will influence solutions to each situation.

Final Words

It takes energy, doggedness, and competence to make a fortune providing transcription services.

You need to face your fears to learn and earn.

What are other factors essential for success to professionals in the industry? I know you have more to discuss, keep the conversation alive.  Leave your comment below!

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