Transcription is essential to modern businesses, industries, and services. As such online transcription services have made several headways into modern practices of law, medical and financial services. As such online transcription services have seen a mushrooming of sorts in the last decade. However, there are some essentials of transcription services that make it viable to complement the practices of modern businesses. Here we list several of those components to help you make the correct decision:

  1. Accuracy: Accuracy is the best metric for assessing the services provided by a transcription service. Transcription services that provide accuracy in the range of 98-99% (for large documents) and 100% (for short documents) are the ones that we call “certified”.
  2. Expert transcribers: Without a doubt, the first requirement in acquiring a certified transcription is expert transcribers. Native expert transcribers are able to understand contexts, dialects, and slang used in various languages making it possible to acquire the best possible transcription. For example, if you are looking for legal certified transcription services, the transcriptionist first needs to comprehend the legal terminologies used in the recording. Expert Legal transcribers make that possible – that too in a timely manner.
  3. Language support: Modern businesses are global. As such certified transcription services have to provide support to major global languages. From major global languages like Spanish, English, Chinese, or Italian to Local languages like Tamil, Tagalog, or Basque a certified transcription services should support global businesses.
  4. Turnaround time (TAT): A certified transcription service should provide clients with options for quicker TAT. As such transcription services can employ multiple transcribers to provide the transcription accurately and in a timely manner. This also mandates a quality controller to upkeep the flow of the narrative in the transcription.
  5. Cost: Various factors can affect the cost of transcription. Some of these factors include the length and quality of the audio file, language used in the audio, type of transcription required (verbatim or summarized), and the requirement of time coding. Keeping these factors constant certified transcription services provide transcription at great prices with a nominal and transparent fee.
  6. Confidentiality: A certified transcription service should provide support in retaining the confidence of the client. There are various protocols in place that can help in achieving this, including – non-disclosure agreements, end-to-end encryption, HIPAA certification for medical transcription, ability to delete files from the servers remotely, and view-per-work policy.
  7. Transcription-translation: A transcription service that helps in translation to and from global languages will be especially helpful in the context of conducting business globally.
  8. Others: This subheading includes the broad category of services that will make your transcription experience much pleasant. For example, if you are looking for birth certificate Transcription services the original format of the birth certificate needs to be retained. A transcription service having knowledge of local regulations can help you in this regard. Similar might be the case for diploma Certified Transcription services. This might also warrant the support for various types of transcription like verbatim or summary.
But Why Choose Online Transcription?

Online certified transcription services guarantee all of the above and much more. It guarantees ease, and accessibility, guarantees integration into the content database management system (DBMS) and APIs translation for global support which is not imaginable with traditional transcription services. Hence, if you are looking for certified transcription services choose online.

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