In the present time, closed captions and subtitles have become an important part of our daily life. On a regular basis, we come across situations where we often see either of these two. But, still, people don’t understand the difference between them and treat them to be the same. Individuals sometimes use these terms interchangeably as well.

Closed Captions and Subtitles

Since both closed captions and subtitles are the text form of audio in a particular video, people get confused easily between these two terms. It is important for businesses as well as for the individuals to understand the key differences between them so as to get maximum benefits. Mixing these two services can lead to great issues and has the potential to impact your audience in a wrong or negative way. We are here to clear out all the doubts and explain about the respective goals of subtitling and captioning services. This will help you choose the right service for a certain type of requirement and can assist you to target your audience in the best possible way.

Closed Captions

Closed captions are the textual form of the audio dialogues and even display texts for the background sounds of the video in the same language. The video closed captioning services target hard of hearing or deaf people to experience any video. Closed captions also include notifications for the change of speakers, because it assumes the viewer to be hard of hearing or would have muted the audio.
Online closed captioning services are vital for the television, films, movies and online video producers. According to the accessibility acts, it is compulsory for them to add closed captions to their videos to make it accessible for the deaf audience. It also increases the number of viewers and helps in generating more revenue.


On the other hand, subtitles are also a kind of caption alone but, the difference that lies between the two is because subtitling services are used for translating the audio dialogues in a video from one language to another. You might have seen many foreign films using subtitles into your native language. In simple words, subtitles only translate the language of the video into another without including the notifications for the change of speakers and background sounds. It assumes that the viewers are able to hear but are unable to understand the language.
Subtitles are super important for films and movie industries because they usually target a global audience and thus it is appropriate for them to make their video available in multiple languages.

The Differences

Besides having a similarity of converting the audio from a video into text, these are two completely different services. The main differences are –

Closed Captioning ServicesSubtitling Services
Assumes that viewers can’t hear audio.Assume that the viewers can hear audio.
Text for dialogues, sounds, music, etc.Includes dialogues alone.
Target is deaf/hard of hearing audience.Target is a foreign audience.
Added after the release of videos.Added before the release of the video.
Displays dialogues and all audio as text.Translates the language in the form of text.

Goals of Closed Captioning and Subtitling

The goal of subtitles allows a person to watch videos without knowing, understanding and speaking the original language of the video. With this growing world of the internet and social media, video owners find it vital to add subtitles into their videos to make their content reach millions around the world in multiple languages.
The closed captions has seen a rise after the growth of mobile video usage. It targets the audience who are either deaf, hard of hearing or unable to hear the audio. People usually watch videos on mobile phones while traveling or in public places, where either they watch them with sound muted or they are unable to listen due to noise, which makes them use closed captions for clear understanding.

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