Most of the businesses these days conduct meetings either over voice or video conference calls. Technology has added the advantage of expanding your business worldwide without the need of meeting anyone physically. While conducting meetings with your employees or with customers living a thousand miles apart, voice or video conference calls comes handy.

But saving these recorded voices and videos is not the ideal way of storing. It also needs a lot of time to listen to the entire recording. This is where conference call transcription service comes into the picture. Businesses should hire conference call transcription services for converting their conference calls to text in a professional manner.

Call transcription can be beneficial for your business. There are many advantages of transcribing calls and saving time from listening to an entire recording is only one of them.

Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Transcribe Their Calls

Here we have the top 5 reasons that will make you hire a conference call transcription service.

More Focused Meetings

While being in a conference call meeting, the individuals are busy listening to each other. Taking notes at the same time can distract them from focusing on the meeting. Transcribing your conference call meetings will let them focus instead of writing notes.

For Future References

Business companies are required to keep records for all of their important meetings. It becomes more important if the meeting happens over voice or video call. Transcribing such meetings will come handy for future references or for making decisions in the future. Also, you won’t need to prepare any reports since everything will be covered under the meeting transcripts. Businesses need to make sure to hire professional transcripts or transcription agencies only, as these transcripts are important for brand growth. The transcripts can be made either as soft copy or hard copy.

For Improving Sales

Transcribed calls are important from the Marketing, Research and Sales point of view. Research marketing transcription is a service for transcribing conference calls related to marketing and sales. Research teams need to prepare various reports based on their discussion over a voice or video conference call. Fast and accurate conference call transcripts come handy while making new marketing and sales strategies. Earning call transcripts is an example, where businesses are more into call transcripts instead of listening to the entire recording.

Better Collaboration

Your business call transcripts are important for better collaboration. For individuals working on a common project from different locations, conference calls are one of the best mediums for communication and collaboration. Transcripts of these meetings serve as a proof that the meetings took place and can also be used for compensation purposes. The topics discussed in the meeting will be available in written form for references.

Reading Over Listening

Reading is faster than listening. A person might struggle to understand words while listening if the language used is not his/ her native language. On the other hand, reading these words and grasping them is easy in comparison to listening.

Increase SEO

If your voice or video conference calls have content that is important, useful and is providing information to customers, businesses can transcribe that and use it either as blog posts or pro tips for their websites and social media. Extracting information from content and publishing it on your website is increasing your website content and is also covering the pain areas of customers, thus increasing SEO.

Vanan Services is a conference call transcription service provider that offers fast and accurate transcripts. We have professional and experienced transcribers. You can also get the conference call transcription service along with translation or localizing your content.

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